The NHET-Sim e-learning modules are comprised of 2 core modules and 12 elective modules. You read about each module here.

NHET-Sim provides entry level learning experiences for individuals new to simulation-based education. Simulation-based education, for those with experience, NHET-Sim provides an opportunity to reflect on existing and future simulation practices.

The NHET-Sim programme consists of up to ~66 hours of learning activities over three months. Participants have to complete the Core modules (Modules C1 and C2) as a minimum. Participants then can choose which Elective modules to complete (Modules S1-S12), based on their area of interests. However, participants are also welcome to complete all 14 modules within the three months period. A certificate can be downloaded at the completion of each module.


The NHET-Sim Programme e-learning is offered without cost to Australian-based practitioners.

For International participants, the access to the e-learning modules cost AU$120.

Once the 3 months period has lapsed, a fee of AU$50 is charged for any extension or re-activation requests.

All extension/re-activation requests must be made via the form here.

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