Further study in Simulation Based Education

Further study in Simulation Based Education

NHET-Sim & Graduate Certificate of Clinical Simulation

If you have completed the 8 NHET-Sim modules (listed below) from 2017 onwards, you may be eligible to apply for credit transfer of 6cp into the M4008 Graduate Certificate of Clinical Simulation.

NHET-Sim e-learning modules required
Core Modules

C1 - Simulation - based education: Contemporary issues for health professions 
C2 - Being a simulation educator


S2 - Simulator fundamentals
S3 - Technology - based simulators and simulations
S4 - Delivering technology-based simulations
S5 – Simulated patient methodology
S6 - Patient focussed simulation
S7 - Virtual environments

*Please note, all e-learning modules must be successfully completed. Modules completed prior to 2017 will not be considered.

You must also complete at least 1 workshop from the above modules (Only Modules C2, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6 have workshop versions).

In addition to the 8 modules, you will also need to meet the admissions requirement for the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation and successfully undertake an additional assessment task.

Compulsory additional assessment
Applicants for assessment of NHET-Sim towards the Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation are also required to demonstrate reflective practice manifested in writing and based on a simulation activity / event that they have designed and implemented. (1500 words)

There is a fee of $500 (incl GST), for the assessment of the written reflective task payable on application.

To find out more about the Graduate Certificate of Clinical Simulation, click here.

How to apply for credit

Step 1
You will need to check your eligibility for the Graduate Certificate. Click here for the entry requirements.

Step 2
Apply for the M4008 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation. Ensure you select that you are 'applying for credit' in addition, to identifying that you are 'applying for NHET-Sim credit assessment'.

Step 3
Once assessed as eligible for entry into the M4008 Graduate Certificate in Clinical Simulation, you will be sent a link where you are required to submit your 1500 word required assessment along with the $500 payment fee.

Queries regarding the Graduate Certificate, please contact:

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