Facilitating workshops

What do I need to do to become faculty?

Faculty are individuals who have:

  • Experience as a simulation educator and/or technician
  • Completed the AuSSETT or NHET-Sim programmes
  • Gained practical experience co-facilitating NHET-Sim workshops
  • Attended a NHET-Sim faculty development workshop or webinar
  • Completed Module F1 (access given to Faculty)
  • Applied for, and granted faculty status by the NHET-Sim office

Who contacts me to run a workshop?

  • In most instances you will be contacted directly by host organisations. If you would like your contact information to be publicly available here then ensure you have advised the NHET-Sim office – med-nhet-sim@monash.edu and signed the appropriate release forms.

How much would I be paid to facilitate a workshop?

  • NHET-Sim has recommended you be paid $1000 excl GST per day
  • Please note that an invoice must be sent within 30 days after the workshop date.

How many facilitators run a workshop?

  • We recommend two facilitators for workshops with more than 12 participants

What do I need to take to the workshop?

  • A USB with required course materials

All resources required for workshops are available through the F1 module. Please ensure you have the most up-to-date content saved to USB for the workshop.

  • The Commonwealth maintains intellectual property rights to NHET-Sim content
  • Facilitators and others must respect the attribution of any NHET-Sim resources and of the workshop materials, to acknowledge their origin with the citation as indicated at the end of the slides
  • Facilitators must follow NHET-Sim workshop slides and activities

Catering may not be available at all workshops so please confirm this with the facility.

If you are interested in becoming NHET-Sim faculty then please email med-nhet-sim@monash.edu