Why Monash is developing Microgrids

Microgrids can play a critical role helping precincts, businesses and communities achieve net zero at the lowest cost, and integrating a higher penetration of renewables into the grid, but there are significant barriers to their uptake from a regulatory and commercial perspective.

In light of this, at Monash we are using our own operations, lived experience, R&D and education capability to showcase the role Microgrids can play in achieving net zero and help to address the barriers precincts, businesses and communities face to achieve broader uptake.

Watch Scott Ferraro, Program Director of the Net Zero Initiative at Monash University, provide an overview of Monash's reasoning behind its exploration of Microgrids. The Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change the Honourable Lily D'Ambrosio, and Luke Menzel, the CEO of the Energy Efficiency Council, also explain the importance of Microgrids.

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Monash is looking to support precincts, businesses and communities on their journey to achieving net zero through the use of Microgrids. Look out for further information of what Monash will do in this space.

Monash will also be developing a range of education and training offerings to assist precincts, businesses and communities in assessing the appropriateness and feasibility of Microgrids.