Migration and social inclusion

A number of our research projects in this area focus on issues pertinent to Prato. Prato is among Italy's most multicultural and diverse cities, and it has one of the largest populations of Chinese migrants in Europe.

Youth in Prato

Old books

Researchers in this project are collecting stories, photographs, artefacts and testimonies of school students in Prato, using the workshop format of hackathons. Their aim is to produce an open source, multilayered and interactive digital mapping of Prato to show how youth live, interact and move in the city of Prato.

This project is a pilot for a broader study looking at collaborating with culturally diverse communities to develop tools for digital storytelling and visualisation, as an effective and affective alternative to xenophobic content that can spread all too easily on social media and in public discourse.

This research project is led by Monash University, Aalborg University and Human Ecosystems Relazioni, with funding from the National Geographic Society (NGS-56467E-19) and the Scanlon Foundation, and the patronage of the Municipality of Prato.

Our centre was involved in an earlier migrant youth project with the Province of Prato. Second-generation migrant youth were invited to share their experience of living in Prato for a writing competition. Their submissions were published as anthologies entitled Seconda generazione (Volume I, 2010-2011; Volume II, 2012-2013).

Chinese in Prato

From 2007 to 2016 we held an annual symposium to feature academic work and local initiatives on the Chinese in Prato to contribute to knowledge and understanding of the migrant experience. The symposia were held in alternate years here and at Wenzhou University in China. We also organised the China in the World conference in 2011, which brought together leading academics in this field from across the world. Some of the research discussed at these events has been published as edited volumes in English, Italian and Chinese.