FlowJo Analysis Software

FlowCore officially supports only the FlowJo flow cytometry data analysis software package.

- FlowJo: Version 10 for both Windows and Mac platforms.

FlowJo is available for use on the dedicated data analysis Mac computers located in the FlowCore office area.

There is no booking system for these computers, so we recommend you call (9902 0271) to check if a computer is free before heading over.

If you wish to perform your data analysis on your own computer, FlowCore administrates a FlowJo site license, subsidized by Monash University. Please see below for leasing options and details.

Your access options explained

FLOWJO PORTAL SEAT – 1 account (user), multiple devices

  • Allows access on up to 4 devices
  • Only one device can be logged in at any time (cannot have Flowjo open on 2+ nominated devices concurrently)
  • Assign devices based on first 4 computers (devices) to be logged in
  • User to assign and manage devices – admin cannot do this.
  • Each device may be replaced / reassigned once.

FLOWJO PORTAL SHARED DEVICE – 1 device, multiple users

  • eg. A general-use lab computer accessible by multiple portal accounts.
  • Flowjo access is tethered to ONE designated computer (hardware address based, same as the sublicense system currently in use).
  • Multiple portal accounts can log in to access; one at a time.
  • Device reassignment (eg. If the computer is replaced or upgraded) – 3 reassignments per year.

How the Portal subscription system will work

All users wishing to access the Flowjo Portal through FlowCore’s site license will need to create a personal Flowjo Portal account at https://cloud.flowjo.com/

  • This account should be linked to your Institution’s email (not your personal email).
  • Portal accounts must be created in advance of requesting access to the Portal.

Each Seat or Shared Device can be purchased for a period of 6 months or 12 months. Billing for each Seat or Shared Device will be at the time of signup / creation.

  • The access period for Seats and Shared Devices (6 months or 12 months) will follow the set calendar dates below, not begin at the time of purchase. (See ‘IMPORTANT DATES’ for details).
  • Pro-rata billing is not available, therefore lab groups are encouraged to note the important dates below.


The FlowJo Portal billing year will begin on APRIL 01, and will end on MARCH 31.

  • 12 month Portal Seat or Shared Device access will begin on APRIL 01 and end on MARCH 31 of the following year.
  • 6 month Portal Seat or Shared Device access dates: APRIL 01 - SEPTEMBER 30 OR OCTOBER 01MARCH 31.


  • 12 MONTHS - $385
  • 6 MONTHS  - $250


  • I purchased a 6 month access at the beginning of the year, but I want to extend it to 12 months. How will that work?
    • You can request to extend your access for the difference in cost
  • I bought a 12 month Seat access, but I don’t need it anymore. Can I get a refund?
    • Unfortunately refunds will not be available, however we may be able to help you reassign your Seat to another lab member.
  • I bought a Shared Device access point, and have upgraded the computer. Can I move my access to the new computer?
    • We can assist you in re-assigning your access to a new computer.

Contact -flowjo-enquiries@monash.edu for Seat or Shared Device purchase requests and general assistance enquiries.

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