Data - Analyser Data Management

Saving your data

All data generated on the Flowcore analysers by end users is the property and responsibility of the individual end user.
To ensure all data is retained correctly, it is important that all end users adhere to the FlowCore data management structure as follows:
  • Within the Diva software Browser, you must create a folder with your full name. You will create your experiments under this folder header.
  • All experiments must be named according to the appropriate naming convention as signposted at each analyser work station:
    • eg. XA(Instrument abbreviation)YN(your initials)190411(year, month, date) without spaces: XAYN190411
  • All data must be saved immediately upon completion of experiment to the following pathway:
  • (S:) > R-MNHS-FlowCore > (Group Name) > (Instrument Name).
  • Do not drill down further than the instrument name. Your experiment will be automatically saved within a folder under your name.

Data Purge

The FlowCore analysers undergo scheduled database purges throughout the year, and workspaces are replaced with an empty database. The purpose of this exercise is to maintain the integrity of the analyser's SQL database.

During the database purge, the instrument will not be available for use.
All database purges are notified by email.
Whilst the instrument is offline, all data will be archived, and the existing database will be relocated to an offline BD FACSDiva™ workstation located in the FlowCore office area.
The offline archive will preserve all FCS data files and experiments existing in the old database. If you have any experiments that you desire to preserve, you should export an experiment template in addition to the normal FCS data file export.
Instructions for exporting and reloading a template are below.
Please note that templates CAN NOT be transferred between instruments, due to differing parameters and general settings.
  • Open user workspace.
  • Right click experiment name.
  • Export – Template.
  • Give experiment a title and follow prompts.
  • Open D:/ Users/BD/BDexport/Experiment/General
  • Scroll to bottom to find template.
  • Find name and save to USB.
  • Go to analyser.
  • Copy file in same folder as that you exported from as above.
  • Open user workspace.
  • CTRL E – find experiment template and click on it.