Analyser Training 2020

Analyser Usage:

To use analysers, please note:

Users must have completed their registration with the Agilent iLab booking system prior to attending the training session. Further details can be found on the Home page.

If you wish to use the analysers with any potentially infectious or harmful material, or are using primary human tissue, you must submit a risk assessment as well as inform FlowCore staff prior to booking.

FlowCore will reject any material deemed hazardous to staff or other users. Further information regarding flow cytometry biosafety can be found here.

Before training, please do some preparation in understanding flow cytometry.  The following download is a useful beginners guide to flow cytometry:

Flow Cytometry- Basics Guide

Analyser Training

FlowCore analyser training consists of a series of videos which walk users through a virtual experiment, as well as general information relating to flow cytometry and the use of FlowCore facilities.

Due to a large volume of our users currently working from home, we have made the training material temporarily available online. The video portion of the training content is available by individual request only. This is for record keeping purposes. Requests can be made to

A link to a quiz is included with the training videos. This quiz must be completed along with the videos. The link to the quiz is also available here.

Further Training material that must be completed can be found below.

Once you have completed the training material, you must complete the Analyser Training Declaration within iLab.

This can be found on the FlowCore page, under the 'Registration and Services' tab. Please ensure you scroll to the bottom of the form and select a funding source (you will not be charged a fee), then select Submit to Core to complete the declaration.Once the Analyser Training Declaration has been approved, you will have analyser booking access, as well as 24/7 facility access on your staff or student card.

Analysis Software

FlowCore staff are happy to assist users with the analysis of their acquired data using one the supported analysis software packages. Please contact a FlowCore staff member to arrange a time if you require such assistance.