Data - Flowcore policy


As of July 2011 FlowCore has been incorporated into Monash University under the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. Our network and data server are now administered through the Monash Directory Service (MDS) and managed by eSolutions IT Service Centre Support Officers and Desktop Services in collaboration with FlowCore management. Our new relationship with Monash University allows us to provide vastly improved network access and data storage services to our client base.

FlowCore’s IT Program Goal:

The primary goal of our IT program is to provide reliable access and storage for the FCS data files and other electronic assets resulting from our client’s flow cytometry analyses and cell sorting transactions. In order to maintain the integrity of FlowCore’s file server we ask that you use our network services in accordance with the following policies.

Ownership Policy:

Any electronic assets resulting from a client transaction with FlowCore are not the property of FlowCore but are the property of the client. This implies that liability for archiving and retrieving FCS data files and other electronic assets at the conclusion of each transaction is incumbent on the client.

Organizational Policy:

We aim to maintain a reasonable level of organization on our file server. In order to achieve this goal we need the cooperation of our clients in maintaining the structure and integrity of our network and data stores. Toward this end, we encourage our clients to use FlowCore’s data server as a ‘read-only’ resource. Regarding the results of post-acquisition data analysis, we would discourage clients from writing any additional files to our data stores. Best practice would be to copy your electronic assets to a local data store prior to establishing links with post acquisition analysis software.

Archival Policy:

Storage capacity at the point of origin (i.e. the computer connected to the flow cytometer) is limited. While FlowCore staff will endeavour to ensure that the client’s flow cytometry related electronic assets are archived from the point of origin to our networked file server, we cannot guarantee the disposition or integrity of your electronic assets for any period of time beyond your booking. Hence, it is strongly recommended that you retrieve your flow cytometry data either at the completion of your booking or soon after you return to your laboratory. Please see below for ways in which you can do this.

* Transfer your data directly from the FlowCore networked file server to your institute's long term research data store.

* Copy your files to removable media (USB drive, CD or DVD) from any of the analysis computers in the FlowCore facility. Please ask a member of FlowCore staff if you need assistance doing this. Please note that removable media must be provided by the client.


FlowCore reserves the right to remove electronic assets greater than one week old from the point of origin without providing any notice to the client.

FlowCore reserves the right to remove electronic assets greater than one month old from our networked file server without providing any notice to the client.

Network Access Policy:

It is important to note that FlowCore’s client base is not limited to Monash University staff but also includes external clients from industry, government and other academic research communities. Restricted access to FlowCore’s computers and networked file server are implemented through the eSolutions Identity Management Service.

FlowCore’s network access policy dictates that a Monash Staff Authcate is required in order to access our data server and all networked computers within the facility. Please note that while Monash Student Authcates may provide for access to other computers and networks within Monash University, only Staff Authcates will allow access to FlowCore’s networked file server.

In addition to providing access, your Monash University Authcate credentials will determine which Team Folder(s) you are assigned to, restricting your access to only those data stores associated with your team(s). A given client may be associated with more than one team. Assignment to a team data store must be authorized by the team leader.

In accordance with the Monash University IT Acceptable Use Policy, please do not communicate your Authcate password to anyone, including FlowCore staff member     s. We only need to verify that you possess the required credentials in order to provide access.