Please ensure you have read FlowCore's policy in regards to sorting biohazardous samples prior to making a reservation.

Additionally, please ensure all samples (and sample handling) brought to the FlowCore facility adhere to the Monash University biosafety guidelines.

All FlowCore customers must take into consideration the generation of aerosols during the sorting process. 

Aerosols are generated by all jet-in-air flow cytometers. This can cause sample particles to spread to other surfaces in the vicinity of the instrument, as well as pose an inhalation and contact risk to staff and researchers present during the sort.

Some samples may be classified as PC2 when being handled in a hood or bench-top setting, however once aerosolized, may require additional safety measures such as a PC3 sort lab.

FlowCore requires a risk assessment to be submitted prior to bringing any potentially infectious or hazardous samples to the facility. The risk assessment must address the hazards associated with the sample becoming aerosolized.