What will it cost for my Histology?

For individual costings please refer to the pricing page, or quick quote.

Note that the cost of your Histology may also vary according to the type of sample submitted eg. quality of sample, fixation period, sample size and type, etc.

Can I get a discount for multiple samples?

Monash Histology platform will offer significant cost savings for multiple sample processing.

Please contact us to discuss further.

How long will it take for my sample to be completed?

Monash Histology Platform prides itself on its rapid turn-around times. Routine processing is usually completed by the next working day (sample dependant). Cutting and staining can take as little as two working days from sample submission.

Please contact us for more specific timelines.

How much does it cost to become a registered user of Monash Histology platform?

All users of Monash Histology Platform must be registered.

Registration fees:
$400/year external users
$200/year internal Monash users
$100/year Internal Monash ADB users

Rates can be pro-rated depending on the time of the year you wish to register (3 or 6 monthly registrations).

If I am experienced in histology do I still need to be trained before accessing the histology equipment for the first time?

Yes. Our OHS requirements are that all persons utilizing equipment in the Histology Platform must be trained on the specific equipment provided prior to use.

This includes an introduction to the Facility (if not used before), access arrangements and an overview of all equipment available. An assessment will also be made by staff to ascertain that the registered user is capable of operating the given equipment.

Further training will be provided on specific instrumentation if necessary.

I have just removed my sample. How should I proceed?

For fresh sectioning/cryotomy, please contact us ASAP for specific information. There are a number of techniques that you can choose from to prepare your sections.

For paraffin processing and sectioning it is important that you place your sample into the fixative of choice (at room temperature) as soon as possible. The volume of fixative to sample should be 20:1 and the fixative should cover the entire sample.

Recommended fixation time is 24-48 hours for a standard sized piece of tissue (10x10x5mm sample size), but this will vary according to your type of sample. Please contact us for further information. We recommend that you do not retain your sample in fixative, or alcohol, but process to wax once fixation is complete. Your sample can then be retained indefinitely in paraffin wax or resin without any adverse effect on the tissue.

For Resin - GMA or EA processing fixation time and type will be dependent on your sample type. Please place your sample into fixative ASAP after removal and contact us, or deliver your sample immediately for discussion regarding how to proceed.

Does Monash Histology Platform collaborate with researchers on grant applications?

Yes, we will happily work with industry or academic researchers on grant applications.

We are currently listed on the Business Victoria website as an approved supplier for the Innovation Voucher Program and Technology Voucher Program. These programs both provide support to businesses exploring ways to improve competitiveness and productivity.