Monash Histology Platform (MHP) operates on a fee for service basis for all Professional Services and Laboratory access.
All personnel utilising Monash Histology Platform services are required to pre-register as Approved Users.

Registration fees

$300/year External users

$200/year Monash users

Rates can be pro-rated depending on the time of the year you wish to register (3 or 6 monthly registrations).


MHP provides a subsidised fee structure for all Research Groups at Monash University and Hudson Institute. Further subsidisation may apply to FMNHS Research Groups.

Please contact the Platform Manager, Camilla Cohen for external pricing (Academic or Commercial), and for any general pricing enquires.

Quotations for grant applications may also be requested from the Platform manager. Please contact Camilla Cohen for an updated quote, including projected pricing for the complete grant term. A 2-week period is requested for the timely turnaround of Histology quotes.

Monash Histology Platform Professional Services Fees

Paraffin Laboratory

Histology Paraffin Professional Services (Hourly) $91.55 per hour

$7.85 per block (standard) plus hourly rate

$9.27 per block (Mega) plus hourly rate

Cutting (Paraffin)

Please enquire for cryostat sectioning

<100 slides
≥100 slides
Basic Sectioning
(1-4 sections per slide)

$3.89 per slide

$3.54  per slide

Basic Levels
(1-3 slides per level)

$3.89 per slide

$3.54 per slide

Complex Levels
(>3 slides per level)

$4.47 per slide

$3.89 per slide

Complex Sectioning
(Alternate levels on one slide)

$5.37 per slide

$4.93 per slide

Isolation Sectioning

(Specific region of interest)

$5.72 per slide

$5.15 per slide


As for DIY rates below

Technical Assistance (including dissection and cassetting) $91.55 per hour
Training$91.55 per hour
Consultation$91.55 per hour

Resin Laboratory

Histology Resin Professional Services $91.55 per hour
Processing/Embedding (to GMA or EA)
$5.61 per vial (small)
$11.44 per vial (medium)
$22.89 per vial (large)
Cutting$81.60 per hour
$51.00 per hour (ADB clients)
Staining As for DIY staining rates below plus hourly rate
Technical Assistance, Training and Consultation$91.55 per hour


BrightfieldFrom $4.48 per slide
Fluorescence - Tier 1 (Basic)From $7.85 per slide 
Fluorescence - Tier 2 (Intermediate)From $11.22 per slide
Fluorescence - Tier 3 (Complex)From $13.46 per slide

Monash Histology Platform DIY Fees

Paraffin Laboratory


Free of Charge (if processed at MHP)

Microtome (Paraffin)$16.50 per hour hire
Cryostat$27.50 per hour hire
Staining (Paraffin/frozen sections)

Haematoxylin & Eosin (H&E) $1.98 /slide
H&E/Alcian Blue $5.31 /slide
Periodic acid/Schiff's (PAS) $3.31 /slide
PAS/Alcian Blue $6.91 /slide
Masson's Trichrome $3.97 /slide
Alcian Blue $3.43 /slide
Cresyl Violet $3.87 /slide
Elastin (Hart's/Weigert's) ) $8.67 /slide
Gordon & Sweets (Silver Stain) ) $8.67 /slide
Luxol Fast Blue/Cresyl Violet $4.00 /slide
Luxol Fast Blue/PAS $4.58 /slide
Neutral Red $2.29 /slide
Nuclear Fast Red $3.31 /slide
Oil Red O (Frozen Sections) $3.43 /slide
Perls Prussian Blue $4.58 /slide
Picrosirius Red $4.47 /slide

ImmunohistochemistryAntibody optimisation - From $5.35 /slide
IHC staining                - From $10.69 /slide
Other specialised stains/methods available Prices on request – Contact Us
Miscellaneous chargesDewaxing/Coverslipping only $1.14 per slide
Dewaxing/staining with Haematoxylin only $1.53 per slide

Resin Laboratory

Microtome (Resin)$30.25 per hour
Staining (EA and GMA sections)H&E $1.72 per slide
PAS $2.86 per slide

Monash Histology Platform Consumables

Prices on enquiry - Contact Us

If registered, go to MHP iLab login, Sample Submissions and Service List