Histology services

Monash Histology Platform currently offers Professional Services (for full end to end Histology services OR part thereof), as well as access to equipment for "Do-it-yourself" Histology. The Histology Platform operates on a fee for service basis for all laboratory services and access, as well as providing assistance in Collaborative research and consultation. All personnel utilising the Monash Histology Platform services are required to pre-register as Approved Users according to OH&S requirements. All persons utilising Histology equipment for the first time are required to book an induction and/or assessment session.

Two laboratories operate within the Histology Platform. They have been developed to meet the quality and high throughput needs of researchers, academic staff and students and clinical collaborators.

The paraffin laboratory is equipped with a range of state-of-the-art equipment to tackle the most demanding of processing requirements including:

  • Fully equipped dissection area and cassette writer
  • Rapid, dual processing Peloris tissue processor providing efficient, reliable and timely processing to paraffin wax
  • Embedding units for high quality paraffin blocking - DIY available
  • Modern microtomes for specimen sectioning – DIY available
  • Fully equipped staining area including an automated staining unit with coverslipper, together with manual options for DIY staining and coverslipping
  • Automated Immunohistochemistry stainer
  • Cryostat for frozen sectioning – DIY available
  • Tissue Micro Arrayer for production of multi core blocks
  • Vibratome – DIY available
  • Laser Capture Microdissection – DIY available

The Resin laboratory provides specialist processing, sectioning and staining services for projects requiring resin sections. The laboratory is well equipped with modern equipment including:

  • Leica RM2165 microtomes – DIY available
  • Leica Ultra microtomes for cutting both methacrylate and epoxy resins for light and electron microscopy
  • Leica RM2265 microtome with a stereomicroscope for visualization of small specimens
  • Fully equipped staining area including an automated staining unit with coverslipper, together with manual options for DIY staining and coverslipping

Monash Histology Platform has also introduced two new state-of-the-art Aperio Slide Scanning Units and a Olympus VS120 scanner. Monash Histology Platform offers services for all your scanning requirements, and provides an imaging service to clients wishing to utilise data scans from brightfield or fluorescent slides. The Aperio Scanscope AT Turbo can scan up to 400 brightfield slides at a time. The Aperio Scanscope FL can scan up to 5 fluorescent slides per run. The Olympus VS120 has a duel brightfield and fluorescent scanning capabilities and can scan up to 100 slides. Images are stored on a central server before being accessed by the client. Image analysis software is provided free of charge for the client to utilize at their own computer.

We also provide access to:

  • Digital microscopy (photography utilizing the microscope with a Leica digital camera attached)
  • Polarizer

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