Manage competing commitments

Breaking down the task and tracking your progress through each step can help you plan and organise a complex task. However, sometimes things don’t go to plan and it can feel stressful trying to get the work done. Other commitments such as work, family, social life and unexpected events are necessary and inevitable.

In the video below, an emergency room doctor explains some helpful strategies to manage competing commitments. Instead of a stressful, ‘crazy busy’ mode, this doctor suggests trying Ready mode.

Ready mode strategies

Watch the full video below.


Extensions and special consideration

If you're experiencing exceptional circumstances and can't complete your assessment on time, you can apply for a short extension or special consideration. For more details see the Special consideration webpage.

If you get an extension, still try to complete your assessment as close to the original deadline as you can, so that it does not hold up your progress in other areas of your study.

Long extensions or multiple extensions may impact your progress in the rest of your unit, as the content often builds upon previous tasks within the unit.

Reach out to one of our support teams for help with completing your assessments on time.

Taking it further