Read more effectively

There’s a lot of reading expected of you at university!

As a student at a tertiary level you will be confronted with a large number of texts and textbooks that you will have to read independently. Furthermore, you will be expected to comprehend what you read so that you can analyse, critique, evaluate and synthesise information from various sources.

Your ability to read effectively will have a direct impact on your academic success. Research has shown that students who read more than their peers achieve higher marks in their assessments, become more involved in class discussion and develop better reading comprehension and writing styles. This also means that through the development and application of good reading techniques you can improve your reading proficiency and overall academic performance.

There are some good techniques to make your reading effective and efficient. This resource will provide you with:

  • Essential pre-reading tips
  • Four strategies for effective reading
  • Skills and strategies for understanding your reading

Essential pre-reading tips

You can spend many hours reading, and feel as if you are being productive, but actually not get very far with learning, or achieving your study goal.

So before you dive into those pages, here are four essential pre-reading tips. Click on the plus icons  to learn more.