Master the art of note making

Good note making is more than just recording what you read, hear and see. It is about engaging with information in a way that generates a deeper understanding, allows you to make connections between things and enhances your thinking.

When you make notes, think about their purpose (e.g. store information so you can easily retrieve it, find patterns, understand a complex text) and choose a note making approach that suits your needs.

Rather than including every detail, learn to summarise and synthesise material in your own words, and draw connections between new and known information. Also think about how this information can be applied in your assessments and real-life situations. This way your notes become a learning tool you can use to continuously improve your understanding.


The best strategies and styles of notes to use are the ones that work for you! Experiment with different strategies to see what you feel comfortable with and use it consistently. Pick an approach that you find helpful and easy enough to maintain throughout your studies.

There are a variety of styles and systems for making study notes. View the slides below to explore some of the options available.