Head injury study now totalling 23 years of funding

Monash Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre Director and clinical neuropsychologist, Prof Jennie Ponsford, who is also located in the Monash Institute of Cognitive and Clinical Neurosciences (MICCN), has received another two years of funding from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) for her Longitudinal Head Injury Outcome Study.

Jennie Ponsford

Professor Jennie Ponsford

The study has received a total of 23 years’ consecutive funding, and involves over 3,000 patients with traumatic brain injuries, located at the Epworth Hospital. Prof Ponsford and her team aim to identify the difficulties experienced by these patients over time, as they progress with their rehabilitation. They are also investigating the factors that predict rehabilitation outcomes and developing and evaluating interventions to improve outcomes.

The recent funding will assist with research into the psychological and cognitive consequences of brain injury, such as the potential development of dementia, as well as the early identification of factors that could help pinpoint the likely long-term trajectory, ensuring that patients receive the right treatment.

The research outcomes will be able to assist with planning and running more effective and efficient rehabilitation programs, as well as helping to inform the TAC’s policies and practices; for example, helping to identify the key predictors of long-term care costs.

The study is made possible through the strong industry collaboration between the Monash Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre and the TAC, along with the great partnership with - and support from - the Epworth Hospital.

“We are delighted to have received further funding from the TAC for this important study,” said Prof Ponsford. “It is wonderful to be able to help the thousands of patients involved, while working alongside both the TAC and Epworth Hospital to ensure the best outcomes for everyone. They all have great faith in us to deliver.”

TAC senior manager Business Intelligence & Research, Fiona Cromarty, said the study was an important part of the organisation’s efforts to generate better outcomes for clients with traumatic brain injuries.

“The benefits of study extend beyond TAC clients and into the wider community of Victorians living with traumatic brain injuries.”

For more information on Prof. Ponsford’s research, contact her on 03 9902 1552, or jennie.ponsford@monash.edu.

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