On-campus options

Where you'll live is one of the most important decisions you'll make at university and when it comes to choosing a place to live, everyone's a little different.  So we've developed a range of different residential options on-campus.

Your options by campus

Clayton Campus

Clayton offers you a full campus experience, with all the conveniences you need nearby.

The Clayton campus is home to most of our on-campus accommodation. However if you are studying at another Monash campus you are still welcome to apply for accommodation at Clayton. Check out the Clayton campus travel distances and inter-campus shuttle bus.

At the Clayton campus you'll have easy access to classes and be in close proximity to the campus facilities, libraries and vibrant life of Monash University. View the Clayton accommodation map here.

Peninsula Campus

Situated at the entrance to the Mornington Peninsula, around 30 minutes drive from Clayton.

During semester, regular, free shuttle buses link our Clayton campus with our Caulfield and Peninsula campuses, and our Peninsula campus to Frankston Railway Station. Check out the Peninsula campus travel distances.

All on-campus accommodation options at the Peninsula campus are situated within easy walking distance to the campus centre and sports complexes, and a short commute to the local beaches. View the Peninsula accommodation map here.