On-campus options

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When it comes to choosing a place to live everyone has different wants and needs. So we've developed a range of residential options on campus, each with their own unique character.

No matter which option you choose you'll have your own private room.

Your options by campus

Campus Studio Apartments Traditional Halls of Residence Shared Apartments
Caulfield      Although Caulfield campus doesn’t have on-campus accommodation, there are still lots of options available. Many of our students who are enrolled at the Caulfield campus choose to live on the Clayton campus and access free shuttle buses that run between them.
Parkville There is no on-site accommodation at the Parkville campus. If you are studying at the Parkville campus, our off-campus service can assist you with advice on finding suitable accommodation.

Each option explained

  1. Self-contained studio apartments: Available at our Clayton and Peninsula campus, these are modern single-occupancy apartments, with all the facilities you need. At Clayton campus these are known as our Urban Community studio apartments.  At Peninsula, these are known as the Peninsula studio apartments.
  2. Single room in a traditional hall of residence: Available in Clayton (Residential Village) this is a more traditional college-style experience, with single rooms and shared facilities.
  3. Shared apartments: If you’re looking to live in an apartment with other students (but have your own private bedroom), we have shared apartment options on our Clayton campus (the South East Flats), as well as our Peninsula Residential Village.

A diverse community

All of our residences have a good mix of students from different faculties and year levels. Over the years, we have supported students from over 50 nationalities. It’s easy to set up study groups, not just with people in your own year, but also with the support of more senior students.

Single-gender options

While most of our accommodation facilities are mixed, there is an option for single-gender areas within an accommodation building.

In all residences, everyone has their own private room.

Accessible accommodation

Our accessible accommodation provides the opportunity for all students to become active members of our thriving community.