Environmental initiatives

In support of Monash University's ongoing commitment to sustainability we do a lot to reduce our carbon footprint on the planet.

We recycle by:

  • raising residents' awareness about the environment through education initiatives
  • encouraging residents to choose alternatives to disposables
  • providing paper and cardboard recycling programs
  • providing printer, cartridge and yellow recycling bins
  • recycling electronic waste such as computers and printers
  • engaging in furniture recycling
  • trading white goods for scrap metal
  • supplying 100% recycled paper and toilet paper.

We reduce our energy consumption by:

  • installing LED energy efficient lighting throughout our buildings
  • installing timers on all of our residential electric heaters
  • installing solar panels on some of our buildings
  • kitchen lights in many buildings have motion sensors
  • supplying portable racks for drying clothes to reduce the use of electric dryers
  • implementing greener building codes for our newly built or renovated residences.
  • Environmental settings on hydronic heating that turns it off over when 21C outside temperature

We reduce our water consumption by:

  • Half and full flush toilets
  • Water saving shower heads
  • Water saving taps
  • Water efficient garden systems
  • Water is collected in rain water tanks
  • We encourage our community to reduce water usage

We support environmental initiatives

Residents from each of our campuses initiate environmental crusades such as environmental activities and fundraisers, and take part in broader community environmental initiatives.

Our Clayton and Peninsula residences have allocated plots for growing their own vegetable gardens.

Many of our residents join us by taking part in broader community environmental initiatives such as Clean Up Australia Day and National Tree Planting Day.

We have a Thrift Shed to assist in the reusing of household essentials.

We lead the way in environmental innovation by constructing new buildings that are green star accredited by design. We have implemented new technologies such as grey water treatment and installed large scale rain water collection systems.

Since 2004, we've been working hard to improve our environmental performance – and we've come a long way