Your Hall

Lake/Creek Areas

Whilst at the Clayton Campus the Halls of Residence and the South East Flats are fortunate to have the lake and grasslands in close proximity, and at Peninsula campus the Gillies Hall Creek area,  these do present problems and residents are reminded that:

    • the lake/creek is extremely shallow and muddy at its edges;
    • the bottom of the lake has rocks scattered throughout it;
    • the water drains from surrounding roads and may contain toxic matter;
    • swimming and water sports are not permitted;
    • no one should enter the lake/creek.

Laundry Facilities

Monash Residential Services provides free laundry facilities, including automatic washing machines and clothes dryers, irons and ironing boards intended for residents’ use. Hot water taps have been disabled to encourage residents to use cold water when washing. Residents are reminded to ensure that dryer filters are cleaned on a regular basis and to ensure correct washing powder is used in washing machines.

Clothes airers or pull out lines have been provided to each resident for drying clothing. It is not permitted to hang clothing from balconies, windows or any other make-shift clothesline.

For safety reasons, residents are also advised that placement of clothing on, or touching, heaters is strictly prohibited.

Leaving Personal Items in Communal Bathrooms

Prior to leaving the communal bathrooms please ensure that all your personal belongings are removed from the shower recess, hand basins and the general bathroom area. Monash Residential Services cleaning and domestic personnel have been instructed as part of their job requirements to dispose of any items left in bathrooms, shower  recesses, hand basins, toilets, etc. Items left in the public bathrooms look unsightly and, in certain instances, can be a health and safety hazard.

To ensure that you have access to clean and sanitised bathrooms, shower recesses, toilets, basins, etc., do not leave personal belongings in the public areas.


The University is proud of the grounds and physical structure of MRS. In order to maintain this very attractive environment, littering  is not acceptable (not even disposing of cigarette butts on the ground).

Furthermore, please assist in supporting the environment by reminding guests not to litter. Your cooperation in this regard is expected and appreciated.

Residential Advisors

Students acting as Residential Advisors (RAs) are an integral part of the Monash Residential Services (MRS) community and make up part of the Residential Support Team within a particular residence.

The Resident Advisors are a central part of the MRS experience – and first and foremost they are residents, just like you! Resident Advisors are your first point of contact for any query. They are there to make sure every resident has the opportunity to engage in the on-campus residential experience.

They are also responsible for organising social and sporting events like movie nights, barbecues, gardening activities, charity events, dinners, team challenges, sporting competitions and anything else they (or you) can think of.

In addition, two RAs are appointed to the roles of IT Coordinator, Environmental Coordinator, Sport & Wellbeing Coordinator, Respect. Now. Always Coordinator and three RAs appointed to the role of Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator. Residents are encouraged to make contact with these coordinators if they have any related queries or wish to get involved in these specific activities.


Monash Residential Services follows the guidelines provided by Monash University for all items that are recycled.

Please see your Go-to-Guide for further information on recycling at MRS.

Resident Gardens

Currently there are community gardens located at each Hall at Clayton and at the Student Village and Samada Street at Peninsula.  Working bees are held regularly where you can meet other residents, get dirty and get some veggies for free. The vegetable garden working bee is one of the events organised by the Residential Support Team at each residence.

It is the responsibility of the residents of the Hall/Flat to decide what is to be planted.

Roofs & Service Areas

No resident is allowed onto any roof anywhere within Monash Residential Services. Other ‘no go’ places are plant rooms, electrical switchboards or similar service installations. Any breach of this may result in immediate eviction and disciplinary measures.

Smoke Control Doors

Smoke control doors must be kept closed. The doors should not be left open. The smoke control doors have been installed to prevent smoke travelling throughout the building. It is for your own safety that the doors are left in a closed position. If you remove the door closer from your room door you may be charged for it to be installed again.


Storage facilities are not available and residents are unable to store their personal belongings over the summer period. This also includes bicycles.


MRS has its own auditorium on campus at Clayton (58 College Way) seating approximately 180 persons. The theatre is equipped with surround sound, DVD, Foxtel, video, spotlights, etc. and can be used for video and TV nights, chorals, productions, ensembles, seminars, etc. Please contact the Administration Office if you wish to book this space. Charges will apply.

Vending Machines

All vending machines throughout the Halls are operated by independent contractors. To report maintenance or issues contact the number listed on the machine.

Wading Pools

Wading pools are not permitted in or around the MRS environs.