Arrival and departure

Resident arriving at Halls

Arrival and settling in

For most residents, moving out of home for the first time is an exciting experience, but we understand that it can also be daunting at times. That's why we have advice and guidance to help you get settled in. ResStart is an online resource for when you are starting out at Monash University.

Developed by our past residents, ResStart helps to answer questions about accommodation and living on campus. It is part of our comprehensive Orientation and Transition program and provides useful tips, stories from residents, and interesting videos, so have a good look around.


We are sad to see you go but we hope you have enjoyed your stay at your hall. There are a few things you need to note before you leave.

Before you depart your room

  • Complete a Departure Form
  • Departure forms are available from the Administration Office or online. You must login with your Monash email account to complete the online Departure Form.

    On the form, please ensure that you provide a forwarding address as your mail will be forwarded to you for a period of TWO WEEKS ONLY after your departure. Make sure you advise your family, friends, business and other associates of your new mailing address.

    Important: As mail is forwarded and/or returned via Australia Post, MRS accepts no responsibility in the event letters and/or parcels do not reach the intended destinations. Please be advised that all mail will be Returned to Sender after the two week period.

  • Update your address and contact details via WES
    You should update your address and contact details via the Web Enrolment System (WES), available through your myMonash Portal. This will ensure that all correspondence from the university is mailed to the correct address.

On the day of your departure

  • Clean your room thoroughly and clear all rubbish and personal belongings.
  • Ensure that all MRS standard items are present in the room. You may use the departure checklist for residents below.
  • Lock your door.
  • Check your mailbox and remove the lock, clear your bike from the bike shed (if applicable).
  • Return your parking permit to the Administration Office (if applicable). Residents will be invoiced the replacement cost (blue permit rate) for any permit not returned.
  • Return your keys to the Administration Office.

An after-hours key return box is available as per the locations below to return your keys when the office is closed. Please do not return parking permits via this box. Parking permits must be returned to the Administration Office during opening hours.

After-hours key return box locations:

If you live at Where to return your keys
Clayton Residential Village At Building 47 Administration Office
Clayton Urban Community Near the mailboxes in your hall
Peninsula Residential  Must be returned to security

Please do not hand your keys to a friend or a member of the RST upon your departure. If your keys are returned to the Administration Office later than your departure date you will be invoiced for every additional night until they are returned.

Please note that the departure time is 10am on your scheduled departure date. Charges will apply if your keys are not returned by this time.

For staff and visitors, check-out time is 10am. Staff and visitors who leave after 10am will be charged for an additional night.

  • Your voicemail will be reset at 10am on your nominated departure date. All read and unread messages will be deleted and the password will be reset.
  • If you did not submit a Room Condition Report upon commencement of your accommodation this will not excuse you from your responsibilities. As stated in the Fee Regulations, it will be assumed that failure to have returned your completed Room Condition Report to the Administration Office means that your room was in perfect condition when you arrived and you will be financially responsible for any missing items or damage found in the room.
  • Storage facilities are not available and residents are not permitted to store their personal belongings in residential areas.
  • Residents wishing to bring in their own furniture and remove existing furniture from the room are requested to seek approval in writing from the Deputy Director Operations. Approval is only granted under special and extreme circumstances. Residents must note that in 2019 removal of furniture, if approved by the Deputy Director Operations will be at the cost of the resident and arrangement by the resident including the secure off-campus storage thereof.
  • To avoid receiving an invoice for cleaning after your departure, remove all rubbish and personal belongings from the room you are vacating. Please be aware that MRS will dispose of any items left in the room and charges may apply. MRS will take no responsibility for any belongings left behind in vacated rooms or in communal areas.
  • You may refer to the departure checklist for residents (see links below) to help you ensure that you do not receive any charges for missing items or damage to your room. Please go through this list carefully and tick off each item. The checklist will assist you in avoiding any possible charges before handing in your room keys. You do not have to hand this checklist in.
  • Ensure that you clear all personal belongings and food from kitchen cupboards, lockers and fridges; remove all clothing from laundries, and bikes from bike sheds. After departure, all communal areas will be inspected and all items remaining will be disposed of.
  • Take care not to leave any items such as boxes or bags outside your bedroom whilst packing. Doing so is an Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) risk and these items will be removed and disposed of by cleaning staff.

Departure checklist for residents

Off-Campus Accommodation Service

If you are moving off campus next year we suggest that you visit our Off Campus Website as it contains a lot of useful information about renting in the private housing market. You may also wish to contact our staff who will be able to assist you with tenancy related matters.

Non-Residential Colleges

If you are looking to continue the social connections and engagement experience beyond your time at MRS, the Non-Residential Colleges at Clayton, Caulfield and Peninsula provide a supportive social and fun environment with peer support for all students living off campus.

For more information about membership or applying to become a College Advisor visit the Non-Residential Colleges website.

Contact Administration Office

If you have any further enquiries or you are unsure about your responsibilities prior to departure, please do not hesitate to contact the Administration Office on 9905 6266..Insert New Container