Your Room

Bedroom Doors

In accordance with the Building Code of Australia, Occupational Health & Safety requirements and for your own personal safety, all bedroom doors except Normanby House and the Peninsula Residential Village have been fitted with automatic door closures. Door closers and hinges must remain in place and operational at all times.

The MRS carpenter will refit door closers that need to be reconnected or reinstalled due to tampering and the resident will be invoiced for the cost.


Residents are allowed to use blue or white Blu Tack to temporarily hold items to the walls and doors but it is the responsibility of the resident to remove it prior to departure. Should residents vacate their room and not remove all traces of Blu Tack, they will be charged to have it removed from the walls and doors or, in extreme cases, to have the room repainted.

Candles / Incense

Continuous naked flames and anything that generates steam of any description are prohibited, including incense, oil vapour, burners and other such items.

Checking In

New residents may collect their key from the respective MRS office associated with the site of their accommodation booking during office hours:

Clayton - Residential Village

  • Administration Office at 58 College Way (Building 47).

Clayton - Urban Community

  • Administration Office at 38 College Walk (Building 87)

Peninsula Residential

  • Monash Residential Services - Peninsula Office, Building C Level 2

The offices are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. Please contact Monash Security for assistance on these days.

After hours check-in

Residents who need to check in after hours are requested to make special arrangements with the Administration Office for alternative methods of key collection.

Checking Out / Departure

Departure Information

Furniture & Equipment

MRS has supplied most large items of furniture to ensure a comfortable stay on-campus.

Standard furniture we provide is:

  • Single or king single bed and mattress – as most rooms are fitted with a king single bed we suggest you purchase king single linen
  • Desk
  • Desk Chair
  • Wardrobe
  • Drawers
  • Clothes airer
  • Block-out blinds
  • Heater (excluding Peninsula Gillies Hall)
  • Fan
  • VOIP telephone handset with direct access to VOIP telephone connection points and hard wired internet access [with speeds up to 1gb per second]

Studio apartments also have a 2 burner hotplate, convection microwave and a personal refrigerator.

Responsibility for care:

MRS Residents are responsible for the care of furniture and equipment at Monash Residential Services. If you cause any damage to furniture, fittings or the walls in your room (other than fair wear and tear), you will be charged for the necessary repairs. Any damage must be reported as soon as possible to the Administration Office.

Residents are advised that they are not to:

  • dismantle, remove or take pieces of any furniture, fittings or equipment at MRS
  • stick nails or pins in the walls or the woodwork;
  • affix self-adhesive labels, stickers or posters to any wall or any painted or varnished surfaces or use glue or sticky tape.

Should you damage furniture, fittings or the walls in your room, the cost of the replacement or repairs will be charged to your account.

Additional items: You can bring additional items to be stored in your bedroom, subject to the MRS Conditions of Residency. If any additional items/furniture are left when you vacate, MRS will charge you for the removal and disposal of these items. You cannot bring large items of furniture into the common areas of the residences. This includes additional lounge chairs and fridges.

Removing items: Residents are reminded that furniture and fixtures will not be removed by MRS from the room. Should you not need any of the MRS supplied bedroom furniture items, you must seek permission from the Deputy Director, Operations, prior to removing the furniture. If allowed, you must take responsibility to remove, store and return these to your bedroom upon your departure. These items, including mattresses, cannot be stored in the common rooms. Upon return, they must be in the original condition, or charges will apply. If you have permission to move any of the furniture from your bedroom, you do this at your own risk and expense.

You cannot borrow MRS furniture, equipment, fittings, etc. for use outside MRS.

Hairspray & Aerosols

The use of hairspray, aerosols and bug bombs (for the eradication of pests) in the room is strictly prohibited as this could potentially activate the smoke detectors, evacuating the building. In this instance, the resident could be charged with the cost of the fire brigade attendance.


All bedrooms/studio apartments (excluding Gillies Hall) contain a heater.  An outside thermostat thematically controls the heaters (excluding Gillies Hall). Consequently when the outside ambient temperature falls below 21°C, the heaters will work. If the outside temperature is above 21°C the heaters will not work. Use of personal heaters is strictly prohibited.


To ensure that reasonable standards are being maintained, a cleaning inspection of common areas will be carried out each week of the Semester.

Keys / Locked out

Locked out

If you lock yourself out of your room, there are two alternatives for re-entry:

  1. During office hours - You can borrow a spare key and/or fob from the Administration office
  2. After office hours - Monash Security can give you access to your room after hours. Call the Services personnel on 9902 7777 and they can issue you with a spare key

In both instances you will need Photo ID for identification in order to borrow a key or obtain access to your room.

In the event you borrow the spare key to your room, you must return the spare key within twenty-four hours (24 hours) of borrowing it or you will be charged $11.00 per day until the key is returned. If the spare key is not returned within seven days (7 days) from the date it was borrowed the lock and key will be replaced and you will be charged for the replacement. You can borrow an access FOB for seven days (7 days) if you are unable to use your Monash ID card to access your hall. If the access FOB is not returned within this time or it is lost you will be charged a $11 replacement fee, charged to your account.

Lost keys/fobs

Loss of keys will result in a lock change. Charges will be applied to the resident’s account in case of loss of keys. The charge will be the cost to Monash Residential Services to replace door locks and to issue new keys.

Loss of building access fob (if issued) will result in the fob being deactivated, and a charge incurred for the replacement fob.

Linen / Bedding

Linen is not provided at MRS.

Residents need to provide their own pillow, sheets, blankets etc. Linen packs may be pre-ordered via the MRS online store or may be purchased on arrival.


We request your assistance to ensure all maintenance requirements are recorded.

If you have any requests for maintenance, such as new light globes, washing machines not working, etc, you should complete an online maintenance form.

Please note that maintenance requests can be filled out only for your own room or the common areas of your hall. You can only submit a maintenance request for your own room or a communal space in your own building.

Minor maintenance requests are dealt with very quickly, major issues as soon as possible, whilst every effort is made to ensure emergencies are dealt with immediately.

Major maintenance/renovations (where necessary) will be conducted during December and January. This will include both internal and external work. Disruption will always be kept to a minimum and during normal business hours where possible, and you will be advised of any works in advance.

Students staying over the summer months of December and January may need to relocate to the summer Hall to allow for maintenance works to take place.

Room Allocation

At the Clayton & Peninsula Residential Villages, room allocations are  the responsibility of the College Head and Deputy College Head in conjunction with the requirements of the Administration Office. Any request concerning a change should be made on the appropriate Room Transfer Request form available from the Administration Office. Please note that a fee may be applicable for a transfer - refer to the accommodation fee regulations for applicable fees and charges. When the Hall is full, there is no guarantee of room change. At the end of the year, returning students will be invited to express a preference for a room for the following year. A preference is no way a guarantee, since it is often the case that some rooms are requested by more than one person.

In the Clayton Urban Community & Peninsula Gillies Hall, applicants are invited to select their own room (subject to availability). This is on a first in first served basis. Be sure to put in your application early to have a good chance of getting the room you want.

Returning residents are given priority to return to their own room provided they apply early.

New Graduate students who are offered a room on-campus may be auto-allocated to a graduate wing as per the Admissions Policy

Room Condition Reports

All residents must fill in a Room Condition Report within three days (72 hours) of taking up residence. It will be assumed that failure to send in your Room Condition Report means that your room is in perfect condition and you will be financially responsible for any damage that occurs. All residents at the Halls are required to keep their own rooms in a good condition during their stay. Residents will be charged for:

  • any damage that exceeds reasonable wear and tear
  • cleaning, if rooms are left in an excessively dirty condition
  • replacement costs of missing items