Regulations and policies

In line with our mission and goals, we aim to provide you with a harmonious and enjoyable environment – but we need you to get on board and help us maintain it.

To find out what it takes to be a respectful member of our residential community, take some time to read our regulations and policies, which cover expectations of personal conduct, including noise, alcohol use, and smoking.

Important regulations and policies for residents

Full list of policies

Accommodation Fee Regulations: Clayton Residential Village and Peninsula Residential Village
Accommodation Fee Regulations: Briggs and Jackomos Hall
Accommodation Fee Regulations: Clayton Urban Community - Campbell Hall, Holman Hall, Logan Hall, Turner Hall and Peninsula - Gillies Hall  
Short Term Accommodation Fee Regulations
Admissions Policy
NRAS Tenancy Information and Eligibility Requirements (applicable in 2021)
Alcohol and smoking
Alcohol Procedure
Smoking Policy
Residency Terms and Conditions
Briggs Hall Accommodation Complex Policy (applicable in 2021)
Jackomos Hall Accommodation Complex Policy (applicable in 2021)
Conditions of Residency
Short Term Accommodation Terms and Conditions 
Staying over summer
Privacy, collection and use of information
Privacy Collection Statement
Resident Information Release Statement
Use of images of residents participating in MRS activities
Monash University Parking
Resident Resources
Contents insurance