MRS Policies & Guidelines

Absence from Residence

Students who will be absent from residence for a period exceeding two nights (Students under 18 years must provide details if they are to be absent for any period) should notify their Residential Support Team and their Resident advisor of their absence by submitting an Absence from Residence Form.

If you’re away for several days or longer and nobody knows where you are, your College Head may have to make official inquiries about you and contact the emergency contact listed on your application form.

Alcohol Procedure

Monash Residential Services Alcohol Procedure

Amplified Instruments

Amplified instruments are not permitted to be played anywhere in the precincts of Monash Residential Services unless personal earphones are used.

Appeals Guidelines

There is a Policy on the Process for Investigation and Resolutions of Breach(es) of Residential Community Standards within the Conditions of Residency

Child Safe Framework

MRS is committed to the safety and protection of all children and young persons involved in MRS activities. It is important that children feel and are safe, and their voices are heard on decisions that affect them.  
All individuals representing MRS have a responsibility to understand the role they play to ensure the safety, protection and empowerment of children.  This includes our commitment to protect children from abuse, including physical violence, sexual abuse, serious emotional or psychological abuse and serious neglect.
For further information, refer to Monash University’s Child Safe Standards Framework.

Conditions of Residency

It is important that you understand the Conditions of Residency whilst living at any of the MRS sites.


The use and/or provision of illegal substances (including marijuana) are banned at MRS.

Please refer to the Smoking Policy for smoking apparatus, products and derivatives that are banned at Monash Residential Services.


Those to which all residents of a particular hall are invited.

The following is a ruling on noisy functions (involving amplified music) which must be strictly adhered to:

  • Three (3) noisy functions per Hall per semester of which no more than three (3) during the whole year may be held in the Function Room.
  • No noisy functions on a Sunday night in the Function Room.
  • Noisy functions on a Sunday night should close down at 10.30pm.
  • Functions must end at 12 midnight if held during the week.
  • There is a total ban on noisy functions during examinations.
  • Approval for noisy functions must be obtained from the College Heads.


If you have visitors, you are responsible for them whether they stay overnight or not. If they disturb other residents, they will probably be asked to leave and you will find yourself in trouble on their account. When your visitors are ready to leave Monash Residential Services, please escort them off the premises.

Residents must obtain written permission from the relevant Head if the resident wishes to have a visitor/guest to stay in their room overnight, or be present in the Hall complex between midnight and 7:00am, which in the case of a resident aged under 18 years will also first require the approval of their parent or caregiver. Residents under the age of 18 are not entitled to have a visitor stay overnight unless prior approval has been granted by their parent and/or caregiver and College Head. Only ONE guest is permitted in a room overnight.

Overnight Guest Form (Halls)
Overnight Guest Form (Flats)

At the Clayton Residential Village only, a limited number of folding beds plus blankets and sheets are available for hire from the Administration Office. Twenty-four (24) hours’ notice is required, Monday to Friday. All requests must have a maintenance request processed by filling out a request online, allowing permission for staff to enter your room. Staff will put the bed in your room between the hours of 10am and 4.00pm weekdays  Please be advised that owing to the size of the bedrooms only one folding bed is allowed in a resident room at any given time. Hire of folding bed plus bedding  $30.00 (GST incl.) per night

Hall Transfers

During the course of the year should you wish to transfer to another hall or room please contact the Administration Office.

Please note that students wishing to transfer to another room will be liable for the rental of their newly vacated room until a replacement is found.

Please note that residents:

  • are not permitted to transfer during the first four weeks of semester.
  • staying for one semester are not permitted to transfer rooms; the resident must stay in their designated room for the entire length of their stay.

Ineligibility to hold MRS roles and/or positions

In prescribed circumstances, a MRS resident is ineligible to apply for, be considered for, hold, or continue to hold, any of the following roles:

  • Hall Society Executive or Member;
  • Orientation Team Executive or Member;
  • MRS Residents Committee Executive or Member;
  • Resident Advisor.

The prescribed circumstances are:

  1. the resident has been the subject of:
    1. finding of a Breach, pursuant to Section 11, 12 or 13 of the MRS Conditions of Residency; and/or
    2. finding that a misconduct offence has been proved, pursuant to Part 13 of the Monash University (Council) Regulations; and
  2. the conduct to which the finding relates is in the nature of “sexual misconduct” as defined in the Monash University Sexual Misconduct Response Procedure.

Lost/Unclaimed Property

Lost/unclaimed property should be handed into the Administration Office where it will be logged and held for a period of three months. Lost property can be claimed from the Administration Office and any unclaimed property is donated to charity after three months.

MRS will immediately dispose of any items found in vacated residential rooms. The cost of removal and disposal of these items will be passed on to the resident. MRS is not responsible for any items left by residents in communal areas.

Missiles, Fireworks & Firearms

The University, within its precincts, prohibits the following conduct whether indoors or outdoors and the commission of any such conduct by a student has been declared to constitute misconduct:

  1. The preparation, use, throwing or dropping of a missile of any kind including a missile containing water, flour, sand or any other liquid or material whatever.
  2. The lighting or throwing of a firework of any description except when done in the course of an organised display of fireworks in a restricted area, the use of which for such display has been sanctioned by written permit from the Vice-President Administration.
  3. The misuse or unauthorised use of any equipment or property of the university and in particular:
    1. any unauthorised interference with or use of firefighting appliances; OR
    2. any unauthorised removal of or attempt to remove the keys of fire doors; OR
    3. any unauthorised interference with or other unauthorised act in relation to any lift or escalator. Remaining in or entering into any building or enclosed area without authority knowing it to have been officially closed. Any allegation that a student has committed one of the forms of misconduct specified in paragraphs 3 (a), (b) and (c) is to be referred to the Vice-Chancellor in order that he may consider whether the allegation should be referred to the Discipline Committee.

Please see the Conditions of Residency for further information.


It is expected that all residents will respect their fellow residents in relation to the generation of noise and their right to quiet enjoyment. You can minimise noise if you:

  • keep your door shut when you have visitors;
  • discourage loud talking in your room;
  • do not slam doors;
  • take special precautions to minimise party noise after 11.00pm;
  • do not use amplified equipment.


Unfortunately, MRS has very few places suitable for private parties, where noise will not impact other residents. If you wish to have a party you will need permission. Please check with your College Head. The following rules will apply:

  • you must not disturb other residents;
  • you must not make extra work for the Operations Office;
  • parties are restricted during and close to examination time;
  • parties must finish at midnight;
  • any damage must be paid for.


Pets or animals are not allowed at Monash Residential Services. This includes pet mice and other small animals, such as goldfish.

Photo/Video/Audio Consent

Use of images of residents participating in MRS activities

Re-Admission into Halls

All applications for residency are, if accepted, valid for the current year only. Residents wishing to return to their residence the following year must submit an online application. There is no guarantee that those residents submitting an Application for re-admission will be successful in their application (refer to Monash Residential Services Conditions of Residency and the Monash Residential Services Admissions Policy)

All residents are informed to apply online for Re-Admission if they want to return to MRS for the following contract period.

Re- admission forms also make provision for you to request a room preference. There is no guarantee that your application for accommodation will be approved or your choice of residence or room allocated to you.

If you would like to change your room preference after completing your application form, please send an email to

Smoking Policy

Smoking is banned in all areas of Monash University, except designated smoking points for Monash Residential Services residents. They are displayed on this map. These smoking areas contain bins and smoking poles and are clearly identifiable.

For further information, please see the Smoking Policy

Staying over Summer

If you wish to stay at MRS over the summer vacation period, you are permitted to do so but please make sure that you complete a Summer Application Form online. You may be required to transfer to another hall during this period due to programmed maintenance in your current hall.

Sub-Letting Room

Please see the Conditions of Residency.