Accommodation Fee Regulations: Residential Village; Clayton and Peninsula

1. Contract period and accommodation fees

Please follow the link to the Contract Period and Accommodation Fees table.

The dates listed and used by Monash Residential Services (MRS) are NOT the same as those used by Monash University and have absolutely no relation or bearing to the University’s lecture and/or examination timetables.

2. Residency agreement

It should be noted that residents are only required to stay in residence for the duration of their contract period (please refer to the Contract Period and Accommodation Fees table for details). MRS does not follow rental policies such as those used in the private rental market. Most importantly, MRS does not require its residents to stay in accommodation for a full year. Generally, most private rental accommodation is fixed for a period of one-year (52 weeks). Further, MRS residents are not required to pay a month’s rental fees as bond. Residents are responsible for the rental payment for the room allocated to them for the whole period of their Residency Agreement or until such time as a new residency agreement for the room has commenced (whichever comes first).

Residents who withdraw their application or change their mind after signing the Residency Agreement for accommodation, must note that they will be liable to continue paying Rent and to pay such other fees and costs as may be applicable under these Regulations.

Residents wishing to move into their accommodation in advance of the standard contract period dates listed above should advise MRS by updating their expected arrival at the time of offer acceptance through the MRS Resident Portal.  Applicable fees, charges and Residency Terms and Conditions will apply.

3. Residency acceptance

Residents are required to pay an initial non-refundable and non-transferable rental deposit of $550.00 (Deposit). The date by which this payment is due is advised in the offer email (Due Date).  The deposit will be credited against the rental invoice issued in March for semester one and August for semester two.

The offer of residency will be revoked if the resident does not pay the Deposit by the Due Date. In such circumstances, MRS will be under no obligation to reserve accommodation for the resident.

4. Internet and phone

Residents are advised that Internet use (including usage limits) is regulated by the university via the Monash University Internet Acceptable Usage Policy. The policy is subject to regular review by Monash University, and may change at any time without notice. Residents are responsible for the care of the phone installed in their bedroom. A $385.00 charge is applicable for loss or damage.

5. Transfers

Those residents wishing to transfer to another room or hall may request to do so by completing a Room/Hall Transfer request. Transfer requests are subject to room availability, approval by the College Head or Deputy College Head and the requirement to maintain a diverse residential community.

Please note that residents approved to transfer to another room will be liable for the applicable transfer fee of $150 and for the payment of the rental fees of their vacated room until a new residency agreement for the vacated room has commenced.

Study Abroad/Exchange students staying for one semester only are required to stay in their allocated room for the entire duration of their contract period.

6. Debts to Monash Residential Services

MRS will issue monthly invoices to all residents via their Monash student email account in or about the 1st week of each month.

MRS will not issue invoices to a third party. The invoice is for the current month’s rental period and must be paid by the last day of that month. Invoices not paid by the last day of the month will automatically incur a $50.00 surcharge and residents’ access to services within the university may be blocked. This charge of $50.00 will apply on all outstanding debts.  The surcharge reflects the costs and loss caused to MRS by defaulting residents and is required to protect MRS’ legitimate interests.

Example: Invoices for accommodation in July will be issued to residents at the beginning of July and must be paid by the end of July. Invoices for July not paid by the end of July will incur the $50.00 outstanding debt surcharge.

MRS will advise the parent/guardian/caregiver when a resident under the age of 18 has not paid their invoice by the due date.

7. Non payment of accounts

Any resident who has outstanding accounts will NOT be allowed to continue their residency without the full payment of overdue accounts. If a resident is required to vacate their room as a result of overdue accounts misconduct, etc., the resident will remain responsible for the rental payment for the room allocated to them for the whole period of their Residency Agreement or until such time that a suitable replacement is found (whichever comes first).

8. Termination of agreement

If the resident wishes to vacate their MRS accommodation prior to the termination date of Residency Agreement, the resident agrees:

(a) to immediately (and, in any case, no later than one  month prior to departure) inform MRS in writing of the intention to vacate the accommodation by completing the Departure Form. Giving prior notice may assist the Admissions Office in finding a suitable replacement for your room;

(b) to pay all Rent due and payable to MRS in accordance with the Residency Agreement unless and until a new residency agreement for the accommodation has commenced;

(c) the vacancy can only be filled from MRS’ official waiting list;

(d) MRS is under no responsibility to fill the vacancy if MRS considers, in its absolute discretion, that a suitable resident is not available;

(e) MRS will fill rooms that are already vacant before newly departed rooms can be filled;

(f) to pay the applicable early vacation administration fee of $300;

(g) to pay all costs associated with the cleaning of your room that may apply on departure; and

(h) to reimburse MRS for any other costs associated with the Residency ending.

9. Return of room keys

On the day of departure room keys are to be returned to the Administration Office prior to 10.00 a.m. Keys returned after 10.00 a.m. will incur additional charges unless prior arrangements have been made with the Admissions Office.

10. Staying over summer but not continuing residency in 2024

Residents wishing to stay over for part of the summer period (between 2 December 2023 and 26 January 2024) must complete an online Summer Application. Residents who are staying over summer are advised that rates will change from 1 January 2024.  Residents who have not submitted a re-admission form for 2024 and who have not vacated their room by 10.00 am on 26 January will not be allowed access to their room.

11. Staying over summer and continuing residency in 2024

Residents wishing to stay in the Residential Village at the Clayton and Peninsula campus over the summer period and continuing residency in 2024 may be relocated to their 2024 room at the earliest opportunity provided they have completed an online application  for 2024.

Those residents who receive a letter of offer and continue their residency in 2024 are advised that the rates will change from 1 January 2024.

12. Obligatory residential period

As mentioned earlier in this document, residents must remain in residence for the duration of their Contract period (please refer to the Contract Period Dates and Accommodation Fees table . Any accommodation taken outside of the dates specified does not count towards calculation of the obligatory contract period.

13. Additional charges

Where it is deemed that a resident is individually or jointly responsible for additional charges (refer to Conditions of Residency), they will be invoiced accordingly. Additional invoices will also be issued for damage to a resident’s room on their departure. To determine damage and/or loss, the Operations Office personnel refer to the Room Condition Report completed by all residents on their arrival. Failure to send in your Room Condition Report does not absolve you of any responsibility.

Residents wishing to bring their own furniture and remove existing furniture from the room are requested to seek approval in writing from the Deputy Director Operations.  Approval is only granted under special and extreme circumstances. Residents must note that removal of furniture if approved by the Deputy Director Operations will be at the cost of the resident and by resident arrangement to a secure off-campus storage location.

14. Goods left behind

Monash Residential Services will immediately dispose of any item found in a vacated resident room. Additional charges may be incurred by the departing resident for the removal and disposal of such items.

MRS is not responsible for any items left by residents in communal areas.

15. Enrolment status

MRS has offered residents accommodation on the condition that they remain a full-time enrolled student throughout the year and that if residents discontinue their enrolment or change from full-time to part-time study or transfer to distance education or complete their studies and are waiting to graduate or are waiting to re-enrol, the resident may be required to vacate their room.  Residents will remain responsible for the rental payment of the room allocated to them for the whole period of their Residency Agreement or until such time that a suitable replacement is found (whichever comes first).

16. Room keys

Residents will incur additional costs for lost keys.

17. Parking permits

Residents who have been issued with a virtual parking permit are reminded that on departure the parking permit is no longer valid.

18. Residential developments

Please make yourself aware of the developments that are taking place in and around the campus.

19. Currency of Monash Residential Services policies

MRS reserves the right to change the Accommodation Fee Regulations and Conditions of Residency at any time. Please refer to MRS website for the current Accommodation Fee Regulations and Conditions of Residency.

Last updated: 9 November 2022