Accommodation Fee Regulations

It is important that you understand the Accommodation Fee Regulations.

Please also familiarise yourself with the Accommodation Fees


If as a result of unpaid accounts a resident is obliged to leave Monash Residential Services, he or she will be charged for all  accommodation based on the terms and conditions in their Fee Regulations/Residency Agreement.

Important Notice - Residents are reminded of the Courses and Degrees (General) Regulations as outlined on the Monash University website: “RESTRICTIONS ON ENROLMENT AND GRADUATION”

      1. No person shall be entitled to enrol or re-enrol for any course of study, subject or unit at the University or to be admitted to any degree or awarded any award of the University
        1. while that person is excluded from the University; or
        2. while any prescribed fees are presently due for payment by that person to the University; or
        3. while any monies other than fees referred to in sub-section 1.2 are presently due for payment by that person to the University, or a subsidiary or affiliate of the university, or any monies which became payable under any repealed regulation of the University remain unpaid, unless the Registrar in that officer’s absolute discretion gives the person permission to do so.
        4. where a person fails to enrol or re-enrol by the due date for such enrolment or re-enrolment, that person shall pay, in addition to the fees otherwise payable, such late fees as maybe imposed by the Registrar at rates prescribed by the Council.

Consequently, in accordance with the above Regulation, residents who have MRS debts outstanding will have their enrolment at the University invalidated. Once invalidated, residents are no longer considered to be students of Monash University; they are not entitled to attend classes or to sit for any further examinations and must return their Student Identification card to Monash University. Once invalidated, students should be aware that there is an additional charge levied against them to have their enrolment re-instated.

Invoices & Invoice Payments

Monash Residential Services will issue monthly invoices to all residents via email to their Monash student email account. The invoice is for the current month’s rental period and must be paid by the last day of that month. If the last day falls on a weekend, and you make payment on this weekend please ensure that you email proof of payment to the admissions office.

Invoices not paid by the last day of the month will automatically incur a flat monthly surcharge of $50.00. This charge of $50.00 will apply on all outstanding debts to Monash Residential Services.

Example: Invoices for accommodation in July will be issued to residents at the beginning of July and must be paid by the last day of July. Invoices for July not paid by the end of July will incur the $50.00 outstanding debt surcharge.

For further information, please review the detailed example of an invoice (PDF, 0.28MB).

If you have trouble making your rental payments please contact the Administration Office as soon as possible.

Monash Residential Services do not issue statements – DO NOT WAIT FOR A STATEMENT BEFORE YOU PAY YOUR INVOICE. Monash Residential Services will not send invoices to parents, guardians or trustees for payment. If residents have a third party paying for their accommodation invoices it is the responsibility of the resident to pass the invoice on to the appropriate person or body for payment.

There is a very good reason why Monash Residential Services insist on prompt payment of all debts. To our knowledge, Monash Residential Services is one of the very few accommodation complexes that charge accommodation rentals on a monthly-in-arrears basis. Owing to the fact that Monash Residential Services is financially autonomous and receives no funding or financial assistance from any other source, charging rentals on a monthly-in-arrears basis places considerable financial pressure on MRS.

If residents do not pay their accommodation invoices on time, the financial viability of MRS could be threatened. Should this occur, Monash Residential Services may be forced to change their accommodation payment procedures and either charge residents accommodation fees by the semester or charge residents one month’s rental as bond coupled with all accommodation rentals payable as monthly-in- advance. Therefore, it is extremely important that MRS invoices are paid on time.

The Accommodation Fee Regulations which form part of residents contractual obligations at Monash Residential Services and which all residents acknowledged as having read and accepted prior to taking up your residency, clearly state: "Any resident with outstanding accounts will not be allowed to continue their accommodation without full payment of overdue accounts". Accordingly, you are required to pay ALL MRS invoices in full by the last day of each month.

Credit card payments

If you are making payment via your credit card using the internet option available on your invoice, go to: www.monash.edu/payments then select ‘Monash Residential Services Invoice Payments’.