Safety & Security

Access to Premises

Residents should keep their room locked at all times. Access to premises for maintenance reasons is granted to staff/authorised trades when residents complete an online maintenance request. The maintenance request form can be accessed via the MRS Resident Portal. The permission statement is contained within the maintenance request. Access to your room may be required at other times whereby you will receive 24 hours notice via email, along with the reason for access. Access to your room without notice may be required for emergencies.

Residents should be accompanying guests/visitors to their hall. As per the Conditions of Residency this extends to not allowing persons who are not members of the residential community access to MRS buildings or premises, or provide a means of access to MRS accommodation and/or room (e.g. via key or proxy access) to a person who should not have access to that space.

Ambulance Cover

It is recommended that you take out membership with Ambulance Victoria

bSafe App

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On campus at Clayton, a defibrillator is located at each MRS Administration Office in building 47 (MRS Administration Building) and building 87 (Turner Hall) and staff at MRS are trained in the use of this apparatus.

Please contact the Administration Office or Security should an emergency arise and a staff member will assist with the Defibrillator.

At Peninsula Campus, there are defibrillators located in;

  • Building U, Peninsula Health services, Treatment room
  • Building W, Monash Sport First Aid Room W1.05
  • Building C, level 1, Security Office

Please contact Security should an emergency arise and a Security Officer will assist with the Defibrillator.


In an emergency (Fire, Serious Accident, etc.):

  1. Dial 000 and ask for Ambulance, Fire Brigade or Police (phone 0000 from the VoIP phone in your room)
  2. Dial 333 and report the situation to Monash Security.
  3. Inform your College Head or Deputy College Head, Monash Residential Services.
  4. If possible, dial 56266 during business hours for the the Administration Office switchboard and report the situation.

Emergencies should be directed to Security on 9905 3333 from an external telephone OR extension 333 from an internal telephone.


If there is a fire or evidence of a fire follow the Emergency Procedures located on the back of your bedroom door.

If this information is missing from your door, please contact the MRS Office immediately.

Fire Risk - Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #3

Fire Alarm Systems - Smoke Detectors & preventing false alarms

All MRS buildings are protected by smoke detectors and sprinkler systems under the Building Code of Australia. These systems are directly linked to the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) if activated. If the fire alarm system is activated, the alarms will sound and all residents must evacuate the building.

At MRS each bedroom is fitted with a smoke detector. Do not tamper with the smoke detectors. If you interferes with the smoke detectors, you are guilty of an offence under the University’s Discipline Statutes and you may be evicted from MRS. MRS is also obliged to report you to the University Disciplinary Committee for action. Smoke detectors are checked regularly.

Tampering with the hard wired smoke detectors will cause a silent alarm to sound which will inform University personnel. Tampering with, covering or removing the batteries from fire alarms is strictly forbidden under the University’s Statutes and Monash Residential Services Conditions of Residency. Disciplinary actions including formal warnings will result and fees may apply.

False alarms attract a fine from the MFB residents will be responsible to pay or reimburse MRS the amount of 10% of full the cost of the charges imposed by Fire Rescue Victoria for the attendance in response to a false alarm where MRS determines, acting reasonably, that the resident and/or their visitor/guest activated the fire alarm by their inappropriate act or omission (whether wilful or negligent).

To avoid false alarms please ensure that you:

  • Do not interfere with the smoke detector or sprinkler system.
  • Take note of the notice on the back of your door.
  • Do not use hair dryers, hairspray or any form of aerosol in your room - it will activate the fire alarm system.
  • Always use the bathroom area when using these items.
  • Never have any sort of flame or smoke in your room.

The cause of false many false alarms is preventable

  • In kitchens, do not leave your cooking unattended.
  • Do NOT open doors to let steam, smoke or cooking fumes into the corridor. Open windows instead.
  • Always use exhaust fans in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Do not use hairspray, aerosols or hair dryers in bedrooms. These items are only to be used in bathrooms.
  • Smoking or lighting candles or incense is strictly prohibited in residences.
  • Do not use kettles, rice cookers or steamers in your room

False fire alarms cost time, money & resources.

  • Cost to the Fire Authority/Brigade
    • Manpower
    • Time Wasted
    • Taking effort away from real fires
  • Cost to you
    • Disruption to evacuate
    • The bill for the false fire alarm fire service call out (up to $3,000 per call out)

Your fire alarm can be set off by

  • Overheated cooking oil
  • Overcooked food, e.g. burnt toast
  • Steam from cooking and showers
  • Hairsprays and aerosols
  • Hair dryers
  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Candles and incense

Fire equipment & sprinkler cages

There is a fire alarm system throughout MRS, with many smoke/heat detectors, fire hose points and fire extinguishers.

Please take all fire alarms seriously.

If you interfere with fire alarms or fire fighting equipment, including the heat sensors attached to the sprinkler system and smoke detectors, you are guilty of an offence under the university’s Discipline Statutes and you will be liable not only to exclusion from the Halls but also for suspension from the University. If a fire could not be controlled because the fire fighting equipment was damaged, anyone found responsible for that damage could also be held legally responsible for the damage caused by the fire.

All fire alarm systems are tested once a month.


Do not hang items from the sprinkler cage as this can result in the sensor being damaged, triggering the sprinkler and flooding your room. Repair charges may be applied to the resident's account.

Fire Escape Doors

Fire escape doors, where provided, must not be tampered with and must be used only in an emergency.

Fire Brigade Regulations


Section 66 of the MFB Act 1958 empowers the Metropolitan Fire Brigade Board to recover its costs of attendance at fires where there is no insurance cover on the contents. Section 66 of the MFB Act 1958 covers both privately owned houses/flats and rented accommodation.

Whilst property owned by Monash Residential Services, namely buildings and contents are insured, should you not have personal contents insurance for your belongings, Section 66 of the above mentioned Act empowers the Board to proportion the costs of attending a fire, to you. You are, therefore, urged to take out some form of private contents insurance to prevent any claim for costs which may be issued against you by the MFB should a fire occur in your room.


– Section 107B of the CFA Act 1958 empowers the Country Fire Authority to recover its costs of attendance at fires where it is deemed to be a false alarm. Section 87A of the CFA Act 1958 empowers the CFA to recover costs for services including where there is no insurance cover on the contents. This section covers both privately owned houses/flats and rented accommodation.

Whilst property owned by Monash Residential Services, namely buildings and contents are insured, should you not have personal contents insurance for your belongings, Section 87A of the above mentioned Act empowers the Board to proportion the costs of attending a fire, to you. You are, therefore, urged to take out some form of private contents insurance to prevent any claim for costs which may be issued against you by the CFA should a fire occur in your room.

Hazard Alerts

Hazard Alerts that have been issued by Monash Residential Service include:

Health & Safety

All residents have a legal and personal responsibility to assist in maintaining a safe environment within MRS. For example, if a resident was to tamper with fire safety equipment and  there was subsequent damage or injury, that resident may be liable. It is  vitally  important that  you respect safety equipment and follow the relevant procedures and instructions. It is for your own personal safety  and that of other residents.


Accident Insurance

On behalf of all current residents, Monash Residential Services has organised and paid for STUDENT PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE.

This has been arranged through Willis Towers Watson. It has been agreed that any compensation payable under the policy shall be reduced by the amount of compensation paid under the policy held by Monash University should the insured elect to lodge a claim under that policy in the first instance.

Monash Residential Services has organised the Student Personal Accident Insurance in good faith but cannot guarantee claims filed for compensation will be successful. The outcome of any claims for compensation is between the person making the claim and the insurance company.

Please note that this policy does not apply if you are off campus on your own time, even though you live in a Monash Residential Services residence.

Should you wish to make a claim, please contact the Director, Monash Residential Services or their nominee.

Insuring your personal belongings 

Although all the Halls, Normanby House and the South East Flats are locked 24/7, it is important for you to make sure your personal belongings are insured against loss (also see Metropolitan Fire Brigade). Room doors should be locked if you are not in your room. Bicycles should also be insured. Please be advised that bicycles should not be parked in corridors or hallways.

The University does not take out property insurance on behalf of residents and cannot be held liable for damage or theft of resident’s belongings. Therefore, residents are advised to insure personal valuables adequately.


If you find an intruder or perhaps an outsider using MRS facilities, contact Monash Security on extension 333. If required Monash Security will notify the College Head or in their absence the Deputy College Head.

Safe and respectful communities cards

At MRS we are very clear that we want and expect our residents to feel safe and supported.

In your room, you have been provided with an ‘MRS Safe & Respectful Communities Card’ (digital version available here) which provides the details on who to contact, and how they can support you if you, or someone you know experiences any form of inappropriate behaviour.

At MRS we will support you, in and through, this process. This is our commitment.

Living on campus should be a safe and respectful experience for everyone!

Security & Services Personnel

The Clayton Campus Security Office is located at 59 Scenic Boulevard and the Peninsula Campus Security Office is located on Level 1, Administration Building C. Both are operational 24 hours a day. Monash University Security Services.

To report an emergency please call Security on 9905 3333 or dial 333 from a Monash internal phone.

Other channels for Security assistance:

    • 17 emergency help points located across the campus which notify campus Security directly in the event of an emergency
    • Phone 9902 7777 or dial 27777 from an internal Monash phone for general security enquiries
    • Visit the campus Security Office

Some MRS buildings are fitted with security cameras, generally outside the building at entrances. These cameras assist in crime prevention and detection.

The University use of security cameras complies with government legislation on the installation and use of CCTV (which are regularly audited). Monash University has a policy and procedure that covers CCTV including installation, operation and management of recorded footage. Additionally there are also strict university policies and procedures on privacy which apply and are also adhered  to.

The policies specifically covering use of CCTV are found on the Monash Policy Bank website

Services Personnel support the Residential Support Team structure.

There are dedicated ‘MRS’ services personnel on site each night to assist all residents and ensure safety and security.

The Security Personnel will:

    • Patrol MRS buildings to ensure the safety of residents, staff and visitors;
    • Execute the MRS Critical Incidents Management Protocols and render required action and assistance;
    • Assist in the enforcement of MRS policies, residency regulations, etc.

If a resident requires assistance outside of office hours, they should contact the Services Personnel. The contact numbers for the Services Personnel are as follows:

Call Security on 27777 from an internal telephone OR 9902 7777 from an external telephone

Security Escort Service

Monash Security provides a Safety Escort Service around all Monash Campuses. Should you require a safety escort to your car or any location on campus, please contact Monash Security.

There is an escort service operating at Monash University and it’s free! It’s the Security Escort Service and it’s available each night after the security bus service finishes. You will be escorted safely to your car, bus loop, the Halls of Residence, Normanby House, the South East Flats, the Urban Community Halls, or any other location on campus.

Security Shuttle Bus - Clayton & Caulfield Only

A free security bus service runs in the evenings at the Clayton & Caulfield campuses, Monday to Friday, and has different pick up and drop off points.  The shuttle service runs every 30 minutes between 5.30pm and 12.00am. There is no service from 12am onwards. For more information visit the website

Sexual Harassment

At Monash University, in our residential communities, we are very clear that we want and expect our residents to be safe and supported. However, we also acknowledge that some residents will experience unacceptable behaviour external to, or within our communities. MRS and Monash University will support you through the reporting process regardless of whom, or where you experience unacceptable behaviour.

Sexual harassment is verbal or physical conduct that is unwarranted, uninvited and unwelcome. (It does not include mutual attraction between people; such friendships are a private concern)

Sexual harassment is any unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that might intimidate, insult or humiliate. It could be physical, spoken or written, and includes:

  • comments about a person’s private life or appearance
  • sexually suggestive behaviour such as staring
  • brushing up against someone, touching, fondling or hugging
  • sexually suggestive jokes or comments
  • unwanted requests to go out or engage in sex
  • sexually explicit emails, text messages or social media posts.

Sexual harassment is different from an interaction that’s consensual, welcome or reciprocated.

A single incident can amount to sexual harassment – the behaviour doesn’t have to occur more than once.

If you or someone you know has experienced any form of sexual assault, harassment, misconduct or any form of inappropriate behaviour; please contact us immediately. We can assist you in the following ways:

‘My Residence’s College Head’

Refer to your Hall Handbook or RSTO contact list in the MRS Resident Portal.

If you feel more comfortable approaching your Deputy College Head or Residential Support Assistant, they are also willing and able to support and assist you

Will help provide immediate support, referral and safety measures.
Director, Monash Residential ServicesResidential Support Team staff will directly report any issues of sexual assault, stalking or relationship violence to the Director MRS.The Director MRS will work with individuals to identify options for resolution and address breaches in community standards. The Director MRS will connect the individual and refer the matter to the Safer Community Unit and other support services as required.
Monash University Safer Community Unit (SCU)9905 1599 or just dial 51599 from a Monash phone (9am to 5pm)
Report online:
You can find out more about the SCU:
The Safer Community Unit is the central point of enquiry for information, advice, support and coordination in managing inappropriate, concerning or threatening behaviours. All reports of unacceptable interpersonal behaviour reported at MRS are directed to the SCU for support and investigation
Monash University Counselling ServiceTo make an appointment, phone: 9905 3020 or just dial 53020 from a Monash phone (9am to 5pm) OR Phone: 1300 788 336 (after hours counselling)Confidential counselling to help you cope with issues which you may be experiencing as a result of witnessing / being the victim of unacceptable behaviour
Monash bSafe appLearn more here:
Download on the App Store or get it through Google Play
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SECASA – The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual AssaultCrisis Line: 9594 2289 (CASA Crisis line: 1800 806 292) 24 hour, seven day per week crisis support Visit: therapeutic counselling and support to survivors of sexual assault or family violence, including ability to do forensic testing within the first 72 hours
Monash University Health Service9905 3175 or just dial 53175 from a Monash phoneProviding medical assistance, including sexual health advice
Victoria PoliceCall 000 in an emergency To contact local police station, phone: 03 9543 3888 or visit the police directly at 263 Clayton Road, ClaytonThe Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation teams are specialised units of Victoria Police who are trained to investigate the complex crimes of sexual assault and child abuse

Traffic Lights

For your safety, on campus at Clayton, the traffic lights located on the Scenic Boulevard near the tennis courts have been re-programmed. Rather than a long wait for the lights to change after you press the traffic light button, the traffic lights have been reprogrammed to change almost instantaneously. Please use the pedestrian crossings when coming from or going to the University.