Power boards

Some HOWST 6-way power boards within the University have been discovered to have a wiring fault, where the active and neutral conductors have been swapped during manufacture.

Hazard Alert #4
RE: HAZARD ALERT - HOWST 6 way power extension board
HOWST 6-way power extension board

The power boards are manufactured by HOWEST, are white in colour, have six power outlets, a black reset button on the same end as the power lead and are rated at 10A 2400W. The power boards have the following information on the underside:

Cat. No. HWPB06
APP. No. 098341
Aust. Reg. Design No. 135422
N.Z Reg Design No. 29656


Immediately take any HOWST 6-way power extension boards out of service and either dispose of them after ensuring they are incapable of being used, (e.g. cut off power lead), or have the power boards checked by an appropriately qualified electrician before putting them back in service.

Document owner: MRS Safety Officer
Document date: 3 January 2020
Date of review: 3 January 2023