Sport at Monash

Liability for Sporting Activities

Notice is given to all residents informing them that sporting activities arranged by them are done so at their own risk without the University being responsible for such activities.

Membership at Monash Sport

As a resident of MRS you can access the Monash Sport Fitness Centre at a discounted rate. The membership is cross-campus, and is valid whilst you are a resident with MRS (regardless of campus). The Residential Fitness and Aquatics membership gives you unlimited access to the gym, group fitness classes and activities such as pool, spa, sauna, steam room and swim fit classes. Additional services such as personal training will be charged at the appropriate student rate.

The MRS - Monash Sport Gym Membership can be purchased through the MRS online store.

Note: Alcohol is strictly prohibited in the Sports & Recreation Centre

Slack-lining Sport Activities

Slacklining refers to the act of walking or balancing along a suspended length of flat webbing that is tensioned between 2 anchor points.

Due to OHS concerns, the setting up of slacklines tied to trees on Monash campus grounds is not allowed under the rules of the University.



The Monash University sports complex at Clayton is located at 42 Scenic Boulevard.

They have a gym, swimming pool and many fitness classes. Membership is at a discounted price for MRS residents. The volleyball court, tennis court and soccer area (near the MRS office and near Turner Hall) can be used by all residents and you can borrow equipment from the MRS Administration Office or from a member of the Residential Support Team. Ball games cannot be played in the courtyard or in car parking areas.


The Monash Peninsula Activity and Recreation Centre (MPARC) sports complex is located in Building W close to the residences. They have a gym and many fitness classes. Membership is at a discounted price for MRS residents. The badminton, tennis, basketball and hockey courts/field are available for resident use. Sports equipment is available for hire. (Check with your RA first as there are some items of sports equipment available to borrow within the residences). Please visit the web page:

Sports Field


The multipurpose sports field at MRS Clayton is located between Deakin and Roberts Hall, south of Farrer Hall and near Turner Hall. It has a synthetic all weather surface with goals at each end.

The sports field has lights for use at night and residents can use it between the hours of 9.00am and 10.00pm.

The sports field is a no smoking area.

Sporting equipment can be borrowed from the Administration Office (Building 47 - 58 College Way and Building 87 - 38 College Walk).

The Sports Field is locked and can be accessed using your ID card.


There are many sporting facilities at Peninsula Campus managed by Monash Sport.

Please contact Monash Sport to book these facilities.