Cleaning Responsibilities

Residents must keep their own accommodation clean and tidy and in good condition at all times and pay for damage that exceeds reasonable wear and tear. Residents are not permitted to hang clothing or other items from windows or balconies that may be observed from outside the premises.

Residents living in studio apartments must clean their own bathroom.

Residents must also contribute to maintaining the cleanliness of all communal areas within their particular MRS flat/apartment/house/hall; including, but not limited to, areas such as self-catering kitchens, eating areas, lounge areas, common rooms, toilets, bathrooms, music rooms, games rooms, laundries, etc.

We have developed a cleaning responsibilities list that:

  • Gives a broad overview of the level and frequency of cleaning for each of our residences
  • Informs you about what cleaning has not been included in the respective residential site cleaning contracts
  • Informs you about what cleaning responsibilities you have as a resident.

Take some time to familiarise yourself with the cleaning responsibilities in place at your residence.

To ensure that cleaning is maintained at the highest standards, each of our residential sites have developed performance indicators for the external cleaning contractors.

If you believe the cleaning standards aren't being met, please email us:.

Cleaning Charges

If any cleaning is required in your room, you will be responsible for the cost of the cleaning.

Cleaning on Weekends

Communal bathrooms and toilets (excluding South East Flats & Peninsula Residential Village) are cleaned every day. Residents should therefore endeavour to keep these areas clean.

Departure Room Cleaning

Remember, when you moved into your room how clean it was? This is how you are expected to leave it when you vacate your room. You are expected to dust and vacuum your room and remove all evidence of you ever having been there – this includes removing blu-tack, rubbish, stickers and other bits and pieces that you may wish to leave behind as an everlasting memento of your presence.

If cleaning is required in your room you will be responsible for the costs of the cleaning to occur.

Rubbish Removal


At Clayton, rubbish is removed from the public areas seven (7) days a week, except at the South East Flats where it is the responsibility of residents to take their rubbish to the waste collection point.


It is all resident’s responsibility to ensure that personal and kitchen rubbish bins are emptied into the dumpsters or council bins provided on a daily basis.

Residents (except Student Village and Gillies Hall) are reminded that you may be required to place council bins on the nature strip for collection - more detailed information about specific accommodation bin requirements is available at the Residential Office.

Vacuum Cleaners


On production of your ID card, vacuum cleaners can be borrowed from and returned to the Administration Office (58 College Way) by students living in the Residential Village ONLY (Halls of Residence and Normanby House).

The South East Flats have vacuum cleaners which may be borrowed by South East Flats residents upon request, between the hours of 6.30pm and 10.00pm from your closest RA.

All vacuums are bag-less and it is expected that the canister will be emptied before it is returned.

The Clayton Urban Community residents must provide their own vacuum cleaners.


Residential Village units and houses have a vacuum cleaner provided in the laundry area. It is expected that all vacuums are emptied after each use and prior to returning to the storage area.

Gillies Hall residents must provide their own vacuum cleaners.