Internet, Phone & Electrical Information

Power Points, Power Boards & Double Adaptors

All double adaptors are a fire risk and are banned from use in any of the Monash Residential Services bedrooms.

Power boards are safer but they must have a 10 amp automatic trip, for the following reasons:

    • all power points are rated at 10 amp;
    • if your power board does not have a 10 amp circuit breaker and you plug in too many appliances, the electrical flex will overheat;
    • it is highly possible that this will cause a fire.

As the phone may be connected to the power point in the room, residents are advised to provide their own power boards if they wish to power up other appliances like laptops, etc.

All power points in student bedrooms are rated at 10 amps. There may be up to six (6) bedrooms per circuit. Each circuit has a 15 amp circuit breaker. In order to minimise circuit breakers tripping.

Power boards - Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #4

Power plugs- Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #6

Electrical Equipment

Monash Residential Services (MRS), historically, has had very few fires however each instance of fire was caused by cooking equipment. You cannot bring any cooking appliances into MRS unless they have automatic cut-off switches.

All rooms are adequately heated. Personal heaters and air conditioners of any kind are banned. This is not only because of the fire danger but also because of the likelihood of overloading the electrical circuits.

Other types of electrical equipment you bring into Monash Residential Services such as radios and hair- dryers must be properly earthed and no item may be more than 10 amps at 240 volts otherwise the power point will trip.

If you're not sure about your equipment you should have it tested by a licensed electrician. 3D printers and all associated chemical materials are banned in residences. Please note that you could be held legally responsible if your faulty equipment starts a fire or causes an accident.

If you are found with electrical equipment that is not satisfactory, for whatever reason, you are likely to have it confiscated until you leave MRS. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in disciplinary action under the Conditions of Residency.

Only Australian power plugs can be used in Australian power points. If an electrical device has been brought from outside Australia, an adapter will need to be purchased from an electrical store prior to using the appliance.

If you are unsure about anything in relation to electrical equipment please contact the Administration Office for further advice, phone 03 9905 6266 or extension 56266.

Electrical Safety web page

Electrical Safety - Private Equipment - Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #10

Electrical Lighting

Make sure you:

  • Ensure all personal electrical light fittings have not been damaged and are in good working order.
  • Use all personal electrical light fittings in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Do not use a light globe, a bulb and/or tube in any electrical light fittings if the globe, bulb and/or tube do not comply with the manufacturer instructions.
  • Do not place or locate personal electrical light fittings in close proximity to flammable objects.
  • Do not cover personal electrical light fittings.
  • Do not place personal electrical light fittings on a surface that is unstable.
  • Ensure personal electrical light fittings cannot be knocked over.
  • Do not leave personal electrical light fittings switched on if you leave your room.
  • Ensure that bedside electrical light fittings are properly secured and cannot fall over and come into contact with your bed and bedding.

Electrical Lighting - Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #7

Please contact the Operations Office if you wish your electrical light fitting to be checked by the MRS electrician. There is no charge for this service.

Electric Blankets

Some of the more important safety points that should be followed at all times when using an electric blanket are:

  • The blanket should be securely fixed using the tapes attached to it for this purpose and at all times the blanket should be kept in a fully spread condition without any rucking or folding over.
  • The blanket size should suit the mattress with which it is to be used, and pins or other sharp objects should not be used to secure the blanket.
  • When a blanket doubles on itself or is permitted to ruck together, the heat build-up within the fold or ruck is many times greater than that which occurs when the blanket is in a fully spread condition.
  • Clothing and bedclothes should not be piled on the bed while the blanket is switched on as this may cause localised overheating of areas of the blanket.
  • Deliberate care should be taken to switch the blanket off after use. Statistically about half the reported cases of scorching and fire have occurred during daytime, after electric blankets have been left on for some time and unattended.
  • The electrical supply flexible cord and switch (if any) must, as far as is practicable, be kept outside the bed to avoid any strain or twisting, particularly at the switch or point of attachment to the blanket. Do not tuck in the cord or switch. Failure of the flexible cord or its terminations can cause arcing and burning in the vicinity of the failure.

If the blanket becomes soiled, sponge it lightly and allow it to dry naturally on a flat surface. Do not dry-clean or use a washing machine or spin drier

Electric Blankets - Monash Residential Services Hazard Alert #2

Inspecting your electric blanket

  • It is most important to make regular check inspections of your electric blanket in use and particularly prior to use at the beginning of each winter season. Examine the blanket thoroughly before it is plugged in. Ensure that it is not in any way scorched (no matter how slightly) or badly worn and that there is no evidence of lumpiness or possible damage to the element due to creasing, which may have occurred from rough handling or storage.
  • Examine the electrical supply cord and check that there is no evidence of damage or cracks in the cord or evidence of heat markings, which initially may appear only as a light stain, particularly where the cord enters the switch or the terminations on the blanket. Also check that the blanket control switch and the electrical supply plug on the cord are in good condition.
  • The blanket should then be switched on and the element area checked for evidence of localised heating.
  • Cover the electric blanket with an ordinary blanket to retain the heat and leave it switched on at the highest setting for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. Then, running the palm of your hand over the blanket covering, check that the electric blanket is heating  evenly over the full heating surface and that no localised hot spots are evident. A localised hot spot is an indication of damage to the heating element.

Energy Conservation

Please turn off all lights and appliances before you leave your room. Do not leave your heater (where fitted) on during the day while you are not there.

Internet & Computer Network Facilities

All bedrooms have internet connections direct to the University Network.

Residents are able to self-register to gain access to this connection.

More information about internet access at Monash University is available at the MRS website

IMPORTANT WARNING: To ensure that no information is lost, please ensure that correct computing procedures are followed at all times.

Internet - Wireless

There is wireless internet coverage at Monash Residential Services.

The internal WAPs (Wireless Access Points) show a blue light whilst working properly. Should the light be red or green and you do not have wireless service please report this via a Maintenance Request, or directly to the MRS Administration Office.

There are also wireless internet points in the MRS Function Room (Clayton), Theatre Clayton), and Halls Café (Clayton). In addition, eWAPs are fitted in Gillies Halls apartments at Peninsula.

Wifi connection and fair usage information

Online TV Streaming

Monash Residential Services has arranged for TV streaming through the University computer network. In addition to the local channels (ABC 1, ABC 2, Nine, Seven, Ten, SBS) connection to a range of satellite TV channels is also available (E.g. BBC world and many Asian channels) This service is free as it runs on the internal network.

Further information is available on the MRS website

Printers (3D)

3D printers and all associated chemical materials are banned in all residences.

Please note that you could be held legally responsible if your faulty equipment starts a fire or causes an accident.

3D Printers - Monash Residential Services - Hazard Alert #11

Telephones & Telephone Handsets

Residents are provided with a Voice Over Internet protocol (VOIP) telephone handset in their room. Residents are responsible for the care of their phone. A $350.00 plus GST charge is applicable for loss or damage. The telephone in your room must always be connected and fully functional.

Please do not disconnect the telephone connection
This is for your own safety and security in case of an emergency we must be able to contact you via the VOIP phone at all times. Using the telephone cable as your Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the wall port is prohibited. Additional Ethernet cables to connect your computer to the internet have been provided to you. If an Ethernet cable is not provided in your room/studio please contact the MRS Administration Office and they will supply you with one.

Telephone Services at MRS

      • The complete international telephone number is 61 3 9905 6266.
      • All resident private telephone extensions have an IN-DIAL facility. This enables residents to receive telephone calls 24 hours a day. Callers are able to call residents directly.
      • Residents can make free 1800 calls from their private telephone extensions
      • For all out-going calls residents will need to use a Telephone Calling Card with an 1800 number access to an external line. These pre-paid phone cards  are  available  at  the  telephone  shop at the Campus Centre (building 10, 21 Chancellors Walk) Newsagents, Supermarkets and Petrol Stations. Please note that calling cards that do not use an 1800 number to access an external line cannot be used.
      • The room phone allows residents to make free calls  to certain Helpline numbers across Victoria  for details of these numbers contact the Administration Office.
      • There is no charge for internal calls made within the Halls of Residence, Normanby House, and South East Flats. Calls to the Caulfield, Clayton, Parkville and Peninsula campuses are also without charge, provided they are made via the relevant campus extension.
      • Residents are advised to use the internet resources in a responsible, ethical and lawful manner.
      • Residents who have substantially large usage may find that their internet speed and usage may become restricted. For more information visit the website
  • Your VOIP phone speed dial has been programmed with the Monash Emergency 333 number. Please use the speed dial button on your VOIP phone in case of an emergency
  • The phone in your room is connected and ready for use. You can receive free internal and external calls directly to your room.
  • Your phone number displayed on the phone, in the top right corner. For people outside of Monash to call you need to add 03 9905 before the 5 digit extension number.
  • You should let family and friends know the number on which you can be reached. It will speed things up if you also let your family and friends know your extension number.
  • For people to call you the number they need to dial depends on where they are calling from
    • Callers from within Monash University - can simply dial your 5 digit extension number which are the last 5 digits of your phone number
    • Callers from within Victoria - Can dial the number shown on your phone screen
    • Callers from within the rest of Australia - Need to include the Victorian areas code (03) and then the number shown on your phone screen.
    • Callers from overseas - Need to dial the Australian country code (613) then the number shown on your phone screen.

Internal calls (within Monash University)
Dial the appropriate university extension number (the last 5 digits of a university phone number) from either the stairway telephone or the private telephone connection in your bedroom. There is no charge for these calls.

TO CONTACT THE MRS SWITCHBOARD DIAL 56266. There is one switchboard for MRS. On weekdays the switchboard is operated from 8.00am to  8.00pm, and weekends from  8.00am to 8.00pm. On weekends the switchboard closes for 30 minutes at lunchtime (from 1.00pm to 1.30pm. Resident phones have the 333 Security contact number on speed dial.
Note: Floor and stairway extensions will not ring after hours when the MRS switchboard is logged off after hours.

External Calls
To make any other external calls you need to use a phone calling card with a 1800 number for access to an external line. These pre-paid phone cards are available at the telephone shop in Building 10, newsagents, supermarkets, and petrol stations. Please note that calling cards that do not use a 1800 number for access to an external line cannot be used.

To make a call to an outside number please dial ‘0’ followed by the phone number.

Your room phone allows free calls to the following Helpline number.
remember to dial '0' and then the phone number for external calls

  • Nurse On Call 1300 606 024
  • Sexual Assault Crisis Line (Centre 9349 1766 against sexual assault) 1800 806 292 (24 hours)
  • Suicide Helpline Victoria (Lifeline) 1300 651 251
  • Beyond Blue 1300 224 636
  • Mensline Australia 1300 789 978
  • Poison Information Centre 131 126
  • Lifeline 131 114
  • Kids Helpline 1800 551 800
  • Gamblers Help 1800 858 858
  • SANE Australia (Mental Health info and referral) 1800 187 263
  • Mental Health Advice Line 1300 280 737
  • Safe Steps Family Violence Response Centre 1800 015 188
  • Direct Line-Drug and Alcohol Service (Healthlink) 1800 888 236
  • Centrelink 132 490
  • Emergency 000
  • After Hours Counselling 1300 788 336
  • Monash Medical Centre 9594 6666
  • Clayton Police Station 9543 3888
  • Oakleigh Police Station 9567 8900
  • CATT - Middle South (Monash Medical Centre) Psychiatric Triage 1300 369 012
  • Home Doctor Service 13 7425
  • Department of Human Services (Centrelink Disability, Sickness and Carers Line) 13 2717
  • 24-hour Coronavirus Hotline 1800 675 398

Campus specific local call cost Helplines available (put an extra '0'in front of the number)


Monash Medical Centre Clayton
9594 6666 or 9550 2159

University Health Services:
9905 3175

University Health Services Triage Nurse:
9905 3175

Towerhill Medical Centre
9781 4477

Frankston Hospital:
9784 7777


Clayton Police Station:
9543 3888

Oakleigh Police Station:
9543 3888

Frankston Police Station:
9784 5555

Crisis Assessment & Treatment Team

CATT Middle South: Monash Medical Centre:
1300 369 012

CATT Peninsula Health:
1300 792 977


If you would like to set up the voice mail service on your VOIP phone, please submit an eSolutions service request through the ‘IT Support’ tile in your platform.

  1. Push 'Services' button
  2. Select option 1 'Display Off'
  3. To turn screen back on, push the button shown below