Connect to the Monash network

Windows wired connection

Required Equipment

  • A PC with a built-in ethernet adapter or a USB to Ethernet Adapter

Finding the Hardware Address of your device

Use the keyboard combination of Window-R to open the Run Window.  This can also be accessed by right clicking on the Start button and selecting Run

Type in "cmd" to open a command prompt window, then type in the following command "ipconfig/all"

Look for the device with the name along the lines of "Ethernet Adapter" or similar, and note down the physical address attribute.

Registering your Device on the Network

Browse to

In the "Ethernet address" column, input the physical address you noted down, replacing the hyphens (-) with colons (:) and giving it a description to help you remember which device it is.

Click register, then give system up to one hour to process the registration and allow the connection.