About us

We look after all aspects of student accommodation at Monash University. We are guided by our customer service commitments and our mission and goals are to provide care, support and enrichment - academically, culturally, personally, socially and recreationally.

Our vision

To provide the Monash University community with world class student accommodation that enhances the University experience and learning outcomes for students.

Our mission and goals

To provide and develop an environment for each of our residential communities that delivers the following:

  1. Provides care, support and enrichment in academic, cultural, personal, social and recreational matters.
  2. Has regard for the individual and group needs bearing in mind the multicultural nature of each residential location and the wider Monash University community.
  3. Recognises and values diversity such as nationalities, beliefs, abilities, talents and interests, ensuring inclusive communities.
  4. Creates opportunities for mutually beneficial interaction between members.
  5. Offers secure living which safeguards the health, safety and general welfare of all members.
  6. Achieves excellence in delivery of services to all customers through the development of a culture which encourages staff to value safety, learning, innovation, diversity, support, sustainability and continuous improvement.
  7. Supports and contributes to the future strategic direction of Monash University.

Our mission statement

We are committed to the provision of the following high-quality services and their continuous improvement across the various campuses of Monash University.

  • On-campus accommodation with associated services and facilities to over 3000 residents.
  • Off-campus accommodation services to all Monash staff and students including:
    • information regarding off-campus housing options
    • information and education regarding tenancy rights and responsibilities
    • the provision of and access to web-based housing resources including information fact sheets
    • assistance with tenancy issues and disputes.

Our results

We are dedicated to achieving our mission and goals and our consistent high level of performance reinforces this.

One of our main aims is to promote and support academic and personal development. We're very proud of how well we've met this goal - residents who live on-campus consistently have higher pass rates than those who live off-campus.

Our survey results show just how inclusive, social, and respectful our communities are - from the point of view of the residents themselves. These are goals that we work hard to achieve, with committees and support teams dedicated to providing care and lots of fun events.

We are also committed to helping Monash students find off-campus accommodation and know their rights. We have a number of great services and resources offered by our off-campus advisory services which have improved over the years, as is reflected in our housing surveys.

Several programs are in place to safeguard the health, safety and general welfare of all members of our residential community, including medical clinics, mental health first aid training and 24-hour security on campus. We also have fantastic environment programs in place.