Hazard alert #12 - Studio kitchen fire risks

Title: Risk of Fire in Studio Apartment kitchens
Issue date: 24 August 2018
Location: All Monash Residential Services Studio apartment buildings

Following a fire in a studio apartment kitchen, Monash OHS has investigated and has found a number of key learnings.  These learnings and actions that affect directly on the MRS community are outlined in this document.

The findings are that the most likely cause of this particular fire was from a towel left on the stovetop that was turned on – there was no evidence of any mechanical failures.

Risk rating:

Score: Medium Risk
Explanation: Consequence = Medical treatment might be required
Likelihood = Possible (Might occur)

Advice to Residents:

All residents must evacuate on the sounding of the evacuation tones

Key Learnings / Actions for Prevention:

  • All residents are reminded of the University OHS and legal obligations when emergency evacuation tones sound in the building – you must evacuate.  A trial evacuation will be conducted within the next 2 months at the affected hall to test that the community response has improved.
  • Clayton Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Management Procedure
  • Reminder of existing Hazard alert #5 – Cooking with oil 
  • Reminder of Hazard Alert #3 - Fire risk
  • Reminder of Hazard Alert #8 - False Alarms 
  • Residents are reminded to always carefully check that all kitchen appliances are switched off before leaving their studio apartment.

Contact persons: MRS Safety officers, ph 99056200

Document owner: MRS Safety officer
Document date: 3 January 2023
Date of review: 3 January 2026