Safety and Security

Studying at Monash University is an exciting time in your life. While your focus is on studying and enjoying your time at Monash, there are a number of initiatives in place to ensure your safety and security, on and off campus, is our top priority.

University Security Services

As part of the campus, MRS is supported by the University's security services, with security assistance on hand 24/7.

Do you or someone else feel unsafe or need help? Is your concern urgent or serious?

  • To report something suspicious, or for general security enquiries, call 9902 7777 (24 hours)
  • For emergencies on campus, call 9905 3333
  • For police, fire or ambulance help, call 000.

Have you experienced, seen or heard about behaviour that may be illegal, concerning or unacceptable?

Contact the University's Safer Community Unit on 9905 1599 (9am-5pm) or submit an online form.

Find out more at the Safer Community Unit.

Monash bSafe App

Get the app that's got your back! Download bSafe for support, resources and safety information.

The bSafe app brings support services, safety information and resources to your fingertips. We encourage you to download Monash bSafe so that you have access to key information, advice and support connections to assist with your decisions in difficult situations

Find out more information on the Monash bSafe website.

Raisa Khan
October 2020

"During Covid-19, MRS has had to ensure all government restrictions are applied within the halls to ensure the health, safety and wellbeing of residents. MRS increased the security services to ensure that all the rules and regulations are being maintained. We have not had any positive coronavirus cases in MRS and I believe the security services have had a big role to play in this.

Under normal circumstances, security does nightly rounds to make sure everything is in order but during the pandemic, security activity has significantly increased and residents have been more vigilant in adhering to the restrictions and making sure that we were following the rules, such as wearing masks at all times and maintaining social distancing.

Security services are provided around the clock to make sure that there is no breach of rules and have really ensured that MRS is a safe community for all of us during this pandemic. As a resident, I am very grateful for the efficiency and diligence of the security for making our community safe."

Security at Monash Residential Services

Alongside University Security Services, there are also dedicated MRS services personnel on site each night at Clayton and Peninsula to assist all residents and to ensure safety and security.

Here are some of the other ways we keep everyone safe:

  • Respect NowMRS is part of the University Respect Now Always initiative and mobile app
  • Only residents have access to their hall (via proxy card or security key access)
  • All rooms have their own lock for added privacy
  • All halls and rooms have smoke alarms and fire-safety equipment which are checked regularly
  • Security staff are based in or close to the residences, and on-campus Security personnel can escort you to your residence if you’re returning late at night
  • Fire safety inductions and regular drills are conducted
  • Our Residential Support Teams are made up of senior Monash University staff and student leaders who live in each hall to support each resident. They are trained to understand the needs of students living away from home
  • Residential Support Team members have first-aid training, mental health first-aid training and all are required to have a Working With Children Check.

A safe environment requires cooperation from everyone in the residential community, which is why our Conditions of Residency includes a number of security initiatives and responsibilities.

Occupational Health and Safety (OHS)