Bicycle helmets

Hazard Alert #9

The problem

  • Over 300 cyclists are seriously injured or killed in Victoria each year.
  • Bicycle crashes occur in metropolitan and country locations, on quiet streets, bike paths, busy roads, in fact any place you can ride.
  • It is essential that a helmet is always worn when cycling.

Helmets work!

The foam in the helmet is designed to spread the force and absorb the energy of an impact. This reduces the risk of head injury, when your head hits an object or the road.

The Law

  • Victorian cyclists are required by law to wear a helmet that complies with the Australian/New Zealand standard for pedal cycle helmets, AS/NZS 2063.
  • The helmet must be securely fitted and fastened. Any passenger carried on a bicycle must also wear a securely fitting, approved helmet.
  • This law applies on roads, bicycle paths, bicycle lanes, footpaths, shared paths and separated footpaths. It also includes other public places such as recreational parks and car parks.
  • A fine or a warning can be issued for not wearing an approved bicycle helmet.

Note: All the above information has been extracted from the vic roads website.

Document owner: MRS Safety Officer
Document date: 3 January 2020
Date of review: 3 January 2023