Why on campus?

There's something special about living on campus at Monash. A unique feeling of being part of something, of being connected to something bigger.

Cass Chellis
October 2020

"In 2020, I was really worried about hygiene in my hall. When you’ve got 100 people living in the same place, and a public health crisis, having a clean place to cook and eat is so important. Somehow despite having 25 people sharing the same kitchen, the shared facilities remained spotless. Really, we have to attribute that to the MRS’ cleaning staff and the RAs.

Normally, you can expect pretty great hygiene in MRS facilities. If there’s ever a problem (like a microwave breaking down), you can expect it to be fixed within a day. Even so, in a public health crisis like what we faced in 2020, we really needed a strong response from MRS with respect to hygiene. MRS gave exactly that.

Every day in the morning, cleaning staff would come into the kitchen, sanitizing every surface, appliance and even door handles. Having such a consistent presence from cleaning staff did more than just keep our shared areas safe. It gave us all peace of mind. And in a time like 2020, that peace of mind was exactly what we needed."

*Each resident is entitled to only one permit. Proof of vehicle ownership is required during the parking permit application process.

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