Living on campus


residents holding up MRS sign

There’s something special about living on campus at Monash. A unique feeling of being part of something. Of being connected to something bigger.

Here you’ll have the freedom to explore your interests and passions, with the support of a community of students, friends and advisors to call on to support and assist you.

You’ll meet people from every corner of the globe, and have the opportunity to get involved in a whole range of events and new activities.

It’s energising and enriching, inspiring and exciting. A community of students coming together from around the world to share the best days of their lives.

We can’t wait to welcome you.

James Dean

"Living at Halls with Monash Residential Services is not just about the 10 minute walk to Uni - it is about the convenience to my lifestyle.

MRS made it so I had someone to talk with on my first day, people I could eat with at night and made me meet people who would eventually become like family to me."

James Dean

A community spirit

Whether you choose to live on campus at Clayton or Peninsula, in traditional halls, studio apartments or shared apartments, you’ll become part of a unique, tight-knit community.

The shops, cafes and restaurants, pop-up vendors and green spaces provide a village atmosphere right here on campus. With interesting places to relax, reflect, meet and share ideas, there’s a wonderful energy here, and a distinct feeling of belonging to a diverse community.

You won’t have to worry about paying multiple bills (everything’s part of our inclusive pricing), and you’ll have access to high-speed internet facilities. It’s not surprising that 94% of students who’ve lived here would recommend the experience to others.

Read about how we’re continuously improving our services.

A solid academic foundation

Students who live on campus don’t just grow socially and personally, they develop academically as well. And we’ve got the stats to prove it. On average, students who live in our on-campus accommodation have a higher pass rate than those who don’t.

Why? Because you’re able to  easily collaborate with students studying your course (including those in higher years) - all living in the same community, and all bound by the common goal of gaining a degree at Monash.

For those who want to develop their leadership skills, we have leadership and development programs in place to extend you even further.

A sustainable community

We support the University’s commitment to ongoing sustainability by getting involved with a range of initiatives like:

  • Passive House design standard (Peninsula studio apartments)
  • Green star rated buildings (Clayton Urban community studio apartments)
  • Recycling and waste reduction
  • Green purchasing
  • Energy reductions and savings
  • Residential community initiatives and activities
  • Water conservation and usage
  • Monash Greening Up our Act

A healthy lifestyle

residents playing sports

We believe staying active and healthy is integral to a fulfilling life on campus, so it’s a real focus of the facilities and services we offer.

At our campuses, you’ll be next door to running tracks, sporting fields, the gym and swimming pools (Clayton has a pool on site, and Peninsula has a pool just off campus).

You can also borrow sporting equipment including soccer, tennis and footy balls, and have access to our basketball and tennis courts.

There are yoga and meditation classes, as well as activities to promote exercise, healthy eating and an overall healthy lifestyle to keep you at the top of your game.

You can also help yourself to the fruit and vegetables in the kitchen gardens, and get involved with caring for the gardens too.

Staying social

To help you get settled in and feel supported, we encourage you to come down to our common rooms, shared communal kitchens and courtyards as well as games rooms to meet people and make new friends.

Our residences organise many social and sporting events and programs all year round. There’s lots to choose from depending on your interests.

Find out more about the accommodation options available to you.