Get the most out of your study at Monash


Internships offer you a valuable opportunity to work in an organisation, learn new skills, build networks and consolidate your learning. You’ll receive credit for the work you complete and we have placements overseas as well as locally. You can also complete your internship between semesters to help you manage your time.

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Diversify and build on your skills by taking a Diploma of Languages (a language) or a Diploma of Liberal Arts (an Arts major) alongside your degree! You will take 8 units alongside your undergraduate studies.

Double degrees

Expand your career options, save time and fees with a double degree.

A double degree means studying two degrees concurrently. Monash Arts has exceptional double degree offerings. You can graduate with two Bachelor degrees in three years, or a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in four years.

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Head overseas with Monash Arts*

*Subject to COVID-19 travel restrictions

The Global Immersion Guarantee (GIG) is a world-first enlightening two-week unit with fully paid flights and accommodation! It’s open to students in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Global Studies.

The Arts in Prato program, in-country language programs, Study Abroad, and exchange programs are open to all students.

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