Know your timetable


The Allocate+ timetabling system is where you enter your preferred class times during the preference period.

Once the preference period ends, the system sorts you into classes and provides a timetable, which can be altered during the 4-5-week adjustment period so long as there are slots available.

Sometimes you may be unable to fix a clash, but there are ways to navigate this. Most classes post lectures online, units may be offered between campuses at a time that better suits your schedule, and in some cases can be offered as an entirely online experience! If you require an urgent tutorial time change, submit an enquiry.


Did you know there are more than two semesters? There’s a Summer* semester and a Winter* semester and these run either side of the two main semesters. They give you the opportunity to take units that you may not be able to fit into a normal semester.

See semester dates and all principal dates for 2021.

*Summer semester: Runs for three months from November to February

*Winter semester: Runs from mid-June to mid-July

There are a variety of units offered in these semesters, including language units in-country, study tours and internships. Units vary in length from two to six weeks.

Unit offering information:
Monash unit timetables:
Online lecture availability:

Campus maps

Look at the maps of the different campuses and find out what facilities are available on each.

Finding rooms

Room addresses in the timetable will look like this:

Room addresses in the timetable will look like this

More information on understanding unit codes and room locations.