Enrolment and navigating your course

Be prepared for the semester

To give yourself the best chance of success each semester, aim to finalise your unit enrolment at least three working days before the start of the teaching period. This will give you time to review your units in Moodle, make note of assessment deadlines and review reading lists. The more prepared you are for the start of semester, the easier it will be to settle into your studies.

Note that your enrolment will take up to 24 hours to be reflected in Moodle.

More details on the below topics, as well as further information about enrolments, can be found on the Enrolments pages.

Study load

Domestic students can study full-time or part-time, depending on their plans and personal circumstances. For the purposes of Centrelink allowances, full-time is 18-24 credit points per semester.

International students can also study part-time, but need to request faculty approval to do so and should check how this will affect their visa status.

All students should check if and how any benefits or scholarships they receive are affected before applying to underload.

Changing units

You have until the end of week 2 each semester to swap one unit for another. Following this, you can still discontinue units via WES*, however you won’t have the chance to add new ones. International students aren't able to discontinue units without faculty approval.

Learn more about amending your enrolment

*WES (Web Enrolment System) is where you enrol, update your details and access other student services.

How long do I have to withdraw from units?

You have up until the teaching period’s census date to withdraw from units without financial and academic penalties After the census date, you will incur course fees / HELP debt, and you may end up with a ‘Withdrawn Fail’ (WN) grade, which would affect your Grade Point Average (GPA) and Weighted Average Mark (WAM).

More information on adding and withdrawing from units

Changing your course

If you intend on changing courses, you need to ensure you meet the entry requirements of that course. Before applying for a course transfer, it is recommended that you seek course advice, as this can help you maximise the number of units you can credit to the new degree.

Find out more about internal transfers.

Time limit

The maximum course duration is recorded in your course handbook. It is generally twice the full-time length plus two years. For example, for a three year full-time Bachelors degree, you will have eight years to complete (3x2+2). For a five year full-time double degree, you would have 12 years to complete (5x2+2).

Taking a break – deferring and intermission

If you’re starting a new course, you can defer your offer for one or two semesters whilst  your place in the course. You can apply to defer up until the census date of your first semester, however please note that deferring your course can have an impact on your studies. For more information and advice, contact Monash Connect.

Intermission is usually taken after you have already completed at least a semester of study. It means you can take a break from studies for up to one year. If you want to go on intermission, it’s best to apply before the census date of the teaching period to avoid incurring course fees / debt.

More information on intermissions can be found here.

Assignment extensions and special considerations

In the case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. illness or carer responsibilities), you can apply for a short extension to submit most assessments, except time-sensitive ones (e.g. weekly quizzes). You will need to apply before the assessment due date by emailing the chief examiner.

If you require a longer extension, or a second extension, you will need to apply for special consideration. You also need to apply for special consideration if your assessment is a time-sensitive one or is a final assessment. Applications must be submitted within two working days after the due date.

While waiting for outcomes of these requests you must continue to work on and submit your assessment as soon as possible. You may receive notification for an extension after the new due date has passed. In that circumstance, the due date of your assessment will be modified to remove/reduce any late penalties.

Find out more about extensions and late submissions.

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