Intermission (study leave)

Once you've started your course, and your first census date has passed, you may be able to apply for study leave. You can apply to take a break of up to 12 months during your course. This can be taken over consecutive semesters or teaching periods, or at different times.

You're required to complete your degree within a certain time frame, which includes any periods of study leave. See study load for more information.

Eligibility and how to apply

When to apply

To avoid financial and academic penalties, apply for intermission:

  • during the re-enrolment period (for the next academic year)
  • before 11.59pm on the census date, if you decide to take a break once the semester has started.

If you plan to go on study leave for only one semester or teaching period, you need to re-enrol in the next semester or teaching period. See re-enrolment dates and details.

Penalties incurred after the census date

If you apply for study leave after the census date, you’ll be charged for all enrolled units and receive a withdrawn or withdrawn fail grade. For penalty dates, see census dates and teaching periods.


If you've paid your fees upfront and apply for study leave before 11.59pm on the census date, you can apply for a refund. Fees will not be refunded if you apply for study leave after the census date. If you fail to re-enrol for the following year on time, and then apply for study leave, you'll be charged a late enrolment fee.


If you can provide proof that the reason you applied for study leave after the census date was due to exceptional circumstances, you can apply for a refund or reversal of loan debt (remission of debt).

Outcomes and notification

Once you’ve submitted an intermission request, we’ll get back to you within two business days to discuss your request and take you through the process.

During your study leave

While you're on study leave, you:

  • remain a student of Monash University with access to University services, including the library
  • must keep your contact details up to date to receive communication from the University
  • must check your Monash email account for important information.

Returning from study leave

You'll receive a reminder to re-enrol in September. You must re-enrol during the October/November re-enrolment period to avoid a late fee and retain your place in your course.

International students on a student visa need to apply for a new Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) with a revised completion date, before returning from study leave. See visa requirements for more information.

Extending or returning early

Contact us at Monash Connect if you want to return early.

If you need to take a longer period of study leave, contact your faculty before the re-enrolment period ends. Intermission extensions are approved only in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the faculty. You may need to provide supporting documentation.

Supporting documents

Depending on your circumstances, you may need to provide one or more of these documents to support your intermission request:

  • medical certificate, letter from a medical professional (even if your doctor has filled in your intermission request form)
  • letter from a social worker, lawyer, psychologist, or counsellor
  • death notice or certificate and evidence of relationship
  • police report
  • statutory declarations from students or relevant people
  • notification from:
    • defence services
    • Juries Commissioner's Office
    • emergency service organisations such as the Country Fire Authority.

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