Flow of fly ash and dusts

Flow of fly ash and dusts

This project aims to (1) simulate and study the working mechanisms of gas-particle turbulent flow, particle settlement and collection in the gas cyclone; (2) formulate models to predict the separation efficiency and energy consumption of various designs of gas cyclones under different conditions (e.g., wet and solids loading).

Project Leader: Prof Aibing Yu & Dr Kaiwei Chu, Monash-JITRI(& Weir Minerals)

This project aims to study the coupled electric field, gas-particle flow, cake formation, re-entrainment in ESP, specifically, to quantify the effect of current density distribution, ionic wind and particle charging on the particle trajectories and finally to clarify the mechanism for the observed regular dust pattern.

Project Leader: Prof Aibing Yu & Dr Baoyu Guo, Monash-Longking-JITRI

This project aims to understand the PM2.5 generation, interaction with the gas flow, and emissions in industry processes such as the sintering process. This will be studied by CFD and/or CFD-DPM approach.

Project Leader: Prof Vladimir Strezov, Macquarie-RioTinto

This project aims to simulate the flow regimes, pressure drop of fly ash-gas flow, and pipe erosion under various operation conditions using CFD-DEM approach. Specific aspects include to: (1) assess different forces on fine particles, then develop model to describe the two-phase flow at particle scale; (2) quantify the effects of geometries, material properties and operational conditions; (3) formulate correlations for design and control pneumatic conveying of fly ash.

Project Leader: Prof Aibing Yu & Dr Shibo Kuang, Monash-JITRI(& QinEng)