Particle-fluid flows

Particle-fluid flows

Hydrocyclone classifiers/separators suffer from deficiency in relation to misplaced material at the overflow and underflow outlets, leading to product loss and affecting downstream process like flotation. CFD-DEM simulation and modelling of liquid-particle flow, particle settlement and separation will help mitigate the misplaced particles. This project aims to develop a general tool for design, control and optimisation of hydrocyclones under different conditions.

Project Leader: Dr Shibo Kuang, Monash-JITRI(& Weir Minerals)

This project aims to (1) simulate the multiphase flow and instabilities in gas cyclone; (2) quantify the effect of geometrical, material and operational parameters on the cyclone separation performance; (3) formulate engineering tools to facilitate process design, control and optimisation in cyclone manufacture companies and mineral plants.

Project Leader: A/Prof Ruiping Zou & Dr Jiang Chen, Monash-JITRI

This project aims to develop new simulation methodologies for studying moderate to high concentration liquid-solid flow.

Project Leader: Prof Murray Rudman, Monash-JITRI

This project aims to develop a single droplet drying technique capable of utilizing volatile vapour as the dehydrating medium; and developing a model capable of capturing the mass depression effect of simultaneous absorption-evaporation of binary solvents, and designing a functional antisolvent vapour precipitation process.

Project Leader: Prof Cordelia Selomulya, Monash-JITRI

This project aims to understand and model the three dimensional characteristics of gas-particle flow in the process of pulverised coal conveying and combustion, and investigate their effects on process performance.

Project Leader: Prof Geoff Wang, UQ-JITRI

This project aims to (1) synthesise stable water-soluble 2D/0D-integrated nanocomposites with improvement of synergistic lubricating properties between 2D-nanosheets and 0D-nanoparticles; (2) understand the role of 2D-0D nanocomposites as additives in water based lubricants using both tribological testing and numerical modelling; and (3) develop the novel water-based lubrication system utilising low-cost, environmentally friendly, and high performance lubricants for manufacturing applications.

Project Leader: Prof Han Huang, UQ-Baosteel