Nanoparticle synthesis and application

Nanoparticle synthesis and application

This project aims to fabricate large-scale functional vanadium dioxide (VO2) nanoparticle-based thin films for energy and environmental applications, such as thermochromic smart windows. The outcomes will add significant values to mineral products.

Project Leader: A/Prof Xuchuan Jiang, Monash-JITRI

This project aims to produce nanostructured carbon-metal oxide (e.g. Fe3O4) composites with different structure forms (core-shell, yolk-shell structured or supported-type) and explore the applicability of some materials in energy application.

Project Leader: Prof Dongyuan Zhao, Monash-JITRI

This project aims to develop quantitative expressions for the interaction forces between nanoparticles and use them to investigate the self-assembly of nanoparticles.

Project Leader: Dr Qinghua Zeng, WSU-JITRI

This project aims to produce high-quality synthetic gas from abundant sewage sludge waste using a novel catalytic pyrolysis process. (1) Prepare limed-dried sewage sludge particles with different lime contents and understand their compositional properties and thermal behaviours; (2) Synthesis of steel slag-based catalysts and characterise their morphological and structural properties; (3) Produce high-quality synthetic gas from lime-dried sewage sludge particles using a novel catalytic pyrolysis process under optimised operation conditions; (4) Develop fundamental understanding of reaction mechanism associated with the catalytic pyrolysis process through pairing in situ spectroscopic techniques and molecular modelling.

Project Leader: Dr Yijiao Jiang, Macquarie-JITRI