New alliance with Warwick University

'Creating the possible: interdisciplinary methodologies for futures research, experimentation and impact' is the latest research alliance signed between Monash Emerging Technologies Research Lab and University of Warwick Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (May 2019).

Intersecting between social science, engineering, information technology, design and creative practice the project will advance concepts around artificial intelligence (AI) and automated decision making (ADM), focusing on unknown and untested human and environmental possible futures.

The international alliance brings together the following project teams who will meet in 2020 at Monash University to develop their method:

Monash University Emerging Technologies Research Lab: 

Professor Sarah Pink

Associate Professor Yolande Strengers

Associate Professor Shanti Sumartojo

Dr Debora Lanzeni

Dr Melisa Duque

University of Warwick Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies: 

Professor Noortje Marres

Professor Celia Lury

Dr Nerea Calvillo

Dr Nathaniel Tkacz

Associate Professor Cagatay Turkay

Associate Professor Maria Puig de la Bellacasa.