Re-humanising automated decision making

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Funded from 2019-2021 by the Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, the Re-humanising Automated Decision Making network brings together academic colleagues from around the globe to discuss: how do we re-humanise automated decision making (ADM) to the benefit of society and everyday lives?

Led by Led by Martin Berg, Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Media Technology, Malmö University, Sweden the proposed network will bring together researchers from different disciplines to meet the challenge of re-humanising ADM.

The starting point is to approach the complexities of ADM by re-establishing the human as an actor in the human-machine relationships emerging in the wake of recent ADM technologies and discourses. The overall research question for the network is: How can the research and design of ADM be humanised by accounting for the presence of people, rather than assuming their absence? What does ‘automation’ mean in this context, and how do humans intervene in and support machine decision-making?


  • Martin Berg (network lead)
  • Jakob Svensson
  • Magnus Bergquist - Halmstad University
  • Vaike Fors - Halmstad University
  • Debora Lanzeni - Monash University
  • Deborah Lupton - UNSW
  • Sarah Pink - Monash University
  • Bertil Rolandsson - University of Gothenburg
  • Minna Ruckenstein - Helsinki University
  • Rachel C. Smith - Aarhus University
  • Julia Velkova - Helsinki University

In 2019 the ETLab hosted the first meeting and seminar for the Re-humanising Automated Decision Making network at its Caulfield campus.

Contact: Sarah Pink