Everyday Insurtech: Impacts of Emerging Technology for Insurance

Studying the development of the nascent insurance technology (insurtech) sector—its market formation, its product applications, and its social implications.

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“Insurance is a major form of governance in our lives. We need a critical understanding of how the industry is being made even more powerful by its integration with advanced digital technologies like smart surveillance and artificial intelligence.”

— Dr Jathan Sadowski

Through market research and industry ethnography, this project will conduct one of the first major empirical studies of the growing insurtech sector in Australia, with attention also paid to the broader development of insurtech in the US and Europe. The project’s theoretical aims are to critically analyse the techno-politics of insurance as a particularly powerful regime of anticipatory control and actuarial governance in our lives.


Dr Jathan Sadowski, Dr Kelly Lewis, Paria Eskandarpour

This project is funded by Australian Research Council DECRA Fellowship (DE220100417).

Contact: Dr Jathan Sadowski