Design for wellbeing

Researchers: The Design for Wellbeing Project is led by Sarah Pink (Monash) with co-CI Laurene Vaughan (RMIT), and with Melisa Duque and Shanti Sumartojo (Monash), in collaboration with Exemplar Health and Bendigo Hospital.

The project is developing new insights into the experience and design of health care environments. It examines how the different designs of the old and new hospital buildings are experienced by staff and patients as sensory, emotional and social spaces. It also explores how staff and patients experience and participate in the delivery and use of services in the existing and new hospital contexts.

In addition to the Design for Wellbeing project, Sarah Pink & Shanti Sumartojo have established the Design for Wellbeing Network, an international and interdisciplinary group of researchers who work across architecture, design, health technologies and social science. Focusing specifically on hospitals and other formal healthcare settings, the network aims to improve the understanding of how people experience these services and environments and to work towards improvements in these experiences through rigorous qualitative and practice-based research.

Read the Design for Wellbeing Report and key findings.

Contact: Sarah Pink