Future of Work & Learning

In a technologically mediated world, the Future of Work and Learning program centres innovation, wellbeing, equity and purpose as core to the design of workplaces committed to continuous learning.

What do emerging technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and  robotisation mean for the future of how we work and the future of human learning?

With technologies supervening work as we know it, the value of an education that prepares us for work is out of step with a culture that asks us to be adaptive and forever learning. The education model of codifying and transferring specialist expertise and existing knowledge no longer serves workplace environments that seek to be innovative and adaptive. Together we need to look beyond current situations and existing practices to closely examine our working and learning systems.

Our focus on social interventions designed to complement automated and autonomous technologies begins with sensing the contemporary conditions of learning and working. Through participatory and ethnographic lenses we co-create with educators, learners, workers and leaders to unsettle out-of-date mental models, shift learning mindsets and envisage never-before-seen work practices and learning processes. Going deeper than knowledge acquisition or transactional behaviour change, our future-focused methods and pragmatic approach make tangible the ways in which innovation, wellbeing, equity and purpose can come together to complement and navigate technological drivers of change.


Research Programme Lead

Professor Lisa Grocott

Contact: Lisa Grocott email to research lead

Email: lisa.grocott@monash.edu

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