Information for participants

AUTOWORK (workers in transition through automation, digitalization and robotization of work) is a research collaboration between Monash University and NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

This aspect of the research is focused on the building and construction industry, and is intended to provide information for those who have see advertisements for the research, have been invited, or are interested in participating. We are conducting interviews in the Greater Melbourne area, and online.


The AUTOWORK project is a four-year (2020-2024) collaboration between NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Monash University in Australia. It’s wider remit is to investigate transformation across three sectors poised to be particularly impacted by automation: Building, Sales and Service, and Healthcare. AUTOWORK is funded by a grant from the Norwegian Research Council’s Welfare, Work, and Migration program, Project no. 301088

Monash project team

Professor Sarah Pink - Project Lead and key researcher

Dr Ben Lyall - Research Fellow and key researcher

Bianca Vallentine - Project Manager

Research ethics information

Should you have any queries about the conduct of the project, please contact the Monash University Human Research Ethics (MUHREC), with the ID number 29994. Phone: +61 3 9905 2052 | Email: